De Niro mocks Trump’s use of Twitter

Actor Robert De Niro mocked Donald Trump’s tweeting style Thursday during a massive New York City protest of the president-elect, jokingly reading off imagined tweets Trump might send.

“De Niro’s career is a disaster. Pathetic,” De Niro read as if it were a ...

Queer Dance Party’ outside Pence’s DC home

Hundreds of protestors and LGBTQ activists took to the streets outside of Mike Pence’s Washington, D.C., home on Wednesday night to protest the vice president-elect with a dance party.

Dems seek Tom Price hearing delay

Three Democratic senators are asking HELP Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) to postpone Rep. Tom Price’s hearing for Health and Human Services secretary until the ethics questions swirling around his financial transactions are more thoroughly vetted.