22% of Domestic Help in U.S. Supplied by Illegals

According to the most recent data, the employment field where immigrants—both legal and illegal—make up the largest percentage of the U.S. workforce is the area of domestic help, the Pew Research Center revealed Thursday.

The Pew analysis of government statistics found that 22 percent of persons employed by private households are illegal immigrants, while a corresponding 24 percent of household employees are legal immigrants, bringing the total to 45 percent of the domestic workforce—the largest percentage of any area of employment.

Second to domestic help comes the field of “textile, apparel, leather manufacturing,” Pew reported in its analysis of Census Bureau data from 2014, the most recent year for which such data was available. Between legal and illegal, immigrants make up 36 percent of the workforce in that sector.

In third place comes the agricultural sector, with a third of the nearly 2 million farm workers in America born in another country.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/03/16/pew-report-22-of-domestic-help-in-u-s-supplied-by-illegal-immigrants/

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5 Responses to “22% of Domestic Help in U.S. Supplied by Illegals”

  1. CaptTurbo Reply

    Too bad, so sad. Deport them all! Do it yourself or high Americans.

  2. James in Texas Reply

    So, because the “few” have need to have “cheap labor wages” available to do the things that they believe are “below their status” we are expected to be glad for the allowing of law breakers being here, and then our politicians make them able to stay and have all of the rights of citizenship? When a country allows it’s borders to be open, that country becomes a lost country. All for “feelings and cheap labor”! Not going to happen, ever!

  3. Doesn’t matter. People here can do for themselves. Hiring illegals is no different than slave labor and we all know it. Come in the right way, or leave.

  4. Who cares how much help the mexicans give us get lost. If we need some help with labor we know where youre at. Dont call us well call you.

  5. Original Anna Reply

    Well, if these people can afford help, than let them pay citizens born and raised here the going price for labor. I remember as a child, people in the neighborhood not foreigners cleaned houses and worked the farms and baby sitted the kids. They were white and black ladies on the border line of poverty or they could take their kids with them while cleaning someone’s house or they needed the job because of an alcoholic husband who couldn’t keep a job or who had just disappeared. Yes, in those days it was alcoholism that ruined families. Any way, We didn’t even know what a Hispanic was because you either cleaned you own home and cooked yourself or you paid someone in the neighborhood who needed the money to do it. You didn’t bring in a foreigner unless they were Swedish or Norwegian baby sitters who lived in the house and got a couple days off during the week. These girls ended up marrying American men and some went to colleges and took their degree back home with them for lifetime jobs there. I remember saying goodbye to them because they were always friendly to all the kids in the neighborhood and they were so tall for females.

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