4 Reasons Susan Rice Should Be Investigated

A bombshell report last week revealed that Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security advisor, asked the intelligence community for information on and subsequently unmasked members of Trump’s transition team and campaign. As a result of this revelation, pressure has been mounting for an investigation into Rice over these reports. Here are the reasons why this is a good idea:

1. We need to know if the unmasking of members of Trump’s team was politically motivated.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R – GA) said the following to The Hill‘s Molly K. Hooper:

When you’re in position like that and you have responsibility, constitutional responsibility, legal responsibility, you do not take things upon yourself to drive national security in a political direction.

Rep. Loudermilk is correct. The national security advisor works with the president on issues surrounding the protection of the homeland, a power that is enumerated to the executive branch in Article II of the Constitution, and should not be influenced by partisan politics. If Rice acted extrajudicially in pushing her political agenda through her position, that raises serious concerns.

2. We need to know who initiated the unmasking of Trump’s team.

When Rep. Devin Nunes (R – CA) announced information about the “incidental collection” of surveillance intel on Trump’s team, it was unclear who was responsible for ordering the wiretaps in the first place and whether it was actually intended to keep tabs on Trump’s team. Having been outed as involved in the unmasking, Rice needs to be upfront about the intent of the wiretaps that “incidentally” bugged members of then-President-elect Trump’s transition team.

Rep. Loudermilk likewise addresses this question in his statement to The Hill. “Somewhere, somebody in the intelligence community had the idea to make this political to unmask those people so that it can be used for political purposes,” he said. “The question is, we know where the order came from, what it sounds like from Susan Rice, was it her intention or was she just parroting something that someone said?”


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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/15299/4-reasons-susan-rice-should-be-investigated-elliott-hamilton

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  1. Bama Bill Reply

    When will enough citizens wake up? The Mafia, Democrats, Unions, and Liberal Media are all synonyms. We now have the majority of the states with “Right to Work” laws, which has cut the Unions membership way down. Mafia went “Legit” when it took over the state of Illinois, Chicago is still “Organized” and under Democrat control. George Soros owns over 2,000 liberal organizations like MoveOn, and spend huge to get Hillary elected. Soros even “Donated” $625,000 to Ohio Governer Kasich, a Republican to try to stop Donald Trump! Bet you didn’t read that in the Toledo Blade newspaper? Just look at what the Democrats have done for all their great cities like Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans, and others. Wake Up! Get involved. And VOTE THE DEMS OUT!

  2. Howleyesque Reply

    Her AND Bathhouse Barry, Elijah Cummings, Lynch, Comey and the REST of Soetoro/Clinton/Soros CRIME FAMILY!

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