Breaking News: Health Scandal Could Destroy Hillary’s Chances of Becoming Our Next President

Love her or hate her, it’s hard to deny that Hillary Clinton is a very powerful woman.

Despite dozens of well-publicized scandals, including a criminal investigation, she remains the odds-on favorite to win the 2016 presidential election.

In the 1970s, when she was a lawyer, she successfully defended a child rapist, even though she knew he was guilty.

She allegedly falsified statements to the Federal Election Commission about a large donation to her 2000 Senate campaign… a crime punishable by up to five years in prison.

More recently, she was involved in the Benghazi scandal that resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

None of those scandals destroyed her political career. Instead, recent polls shows that most Americans believe she will be our next president.

But a new scandal has surfaced… one so big that it could end her chances of winning the coming election.

This could be THE scandal that brings her down.

Some have even called it “the heath scandal of the century.”

It’s estimated that it may have already affected the health of more than 232 million Americans.

That’s why I think you should see this story regardless of if you’re a Democrat, a Republican or independent.

They’ve managed to keep this scandal a secret for the past 15 years. But an independent research group called the Laissez Faire Club has recently exposed all the details in a shocking new video.

This organization has already exposed investment secrets from Wall Street insiders… health secrets Big Pharma hopes you never discover… tax secrets the IRS doesn’t want you to know… and more.

And now they’re blowing the whistle on the food industry.

But let me warn you… the information you’re about to see is extremely controversial. Fox News has already been forced to censor coverage of this scandal.

After receiving a letter with threats of “dire consequences,” the TV network decided to never air the story… and fired all the reporters involved .

That means the government and big corporations could ban this video anytime.

[Editor’s note: Click here to watch this shocking video while it’s still available.]

“This scandal actually goes back all the way to 1996, when her husband, President Bill Clinton, was in office,” says the Laissez Faire Club’s director, Doug Hill.

“It was in that year that an alliance between the government and Corporate America launched a massive health experiment… one that has been using you and I — along with the rest of America — as secret guinea pigs.

“And now, for the first time ever, Hillary Clinton publically confessed her involvement when she said she was in favor of this health experiment,” continues Mr. Hill.

In short, the Laissez Faire Club investigation concluded that the food we’re eating could be poisoning us.

They’ve even uncovered an internal document from food companies with files so secret that they’re labeled… “CONFIDENTIAL, READ AND DESTROY.”

These documents prove the food we’re eating may be causing us and our loved ones to die early deaths, despite having some of the world’s best health care.

A study from the Harvard Medical School, for instance, shows that some types of milk could cause as much damage to your health as smoking four packs of cigarettes a day!

Dr. Jenny Pompilio, a physician with Kaiser Permanente in Oregon, says: “It has been known for years that the substance inside this type of milk is linked with cancers.”

In the video, Mr. Hill says that “there’s a good chance this milk may be in your fridge right now. It was in mine, too. Until I came across the research you’re about to see.”

The good news is this potentially dangerous milk carries a specific four-letter word on its label. “If you’re drinking milk with this word on the label, I urge you to stop immediately,” warns Mr. Hill.

[Editor’s note: Click here to find out the four-letter word you need to look for.]

And that’s just one of the many food secrets his team exposes in this brand-new video. Millions of Americans have already viewed this presentation, which is available on their website for free.

And here’s the best part… the video is packed with dozens of simple solutions that could help you live a longer, healthier life. For example, you’ll discover details about…

• The one thing that could be silently killing you… and 10 natural ways to fight it

• 10 foods you should NEVER eat. They’re banned in other countries, but I bet you’ll find at least one of them in your fridge right now

• 28 “super foods” that can help you prevent chronic illnesses

• Five “poisons” that are approved by the FDA.

The solutions are affordable and easy to implement. You don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars a year to switch to foods with fancy organic labels.

With these secrets, you’ll be able to eat all your favorite food without falling into the many traps of our dangerous food system.

The video even shows you how to get healthy, mouthwatering food for just pennies on the dollar.

With all this information, you’ll be able to secure a lifetime of health for yourself and your family.

Don’t you and your loved ones deserve to live a longer, healthier, and happier life?

[Editor’s note: Mr. Hill has posted this entire presentation for free viewing. Watch the video — before he’s forced to pull it offline — right here.]

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59 Responses to “Breaking News: Health Scandal Could Destroy Hillary’s Chances of Becoming Our Next President”

  1. Doug Griffiths Reply

    It appears there are to many stupid people for this hag to ever lose . If it was up to me she would be tried for treason and murder of Stevens and 3 others.

    • Nastasyana Reply

      I always worry when I hear someone call other people stupid. Frequently it is projections.

      • Doug Griffiths Reply

        OK I will put it this way anyone with any intelligence would vote for anyone else. Hillary let 4 people die. And tried to lie her way out of her responseab!ity of it. Now would you vote for someone that lied to the world to be a leader of this country?

        • Nastasyana Reply

          Again, “anyone with any intelligence”. Is that you? I am intelligent and I would vote for her. I do not believe that Benghazi was Her issue. How did she “let 4 people die”.? The congress had denied extra money for support there, There was a demonstration that was not thought to be aimed at the embassy. Even then, how is it her fault?. Was Bush responsible for the people who died in embassies while he was in office?

          ec. 15, 2001: Unidentified assailants gunned down a Nepalese security guard of the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal.

          Jan. 22, 2002: Two assailants attacked the American Center in
          Calcutta, India. Five policemen died, and 15 others were injured in the

          March 20, 2002: A car bomb exploded near the U.S. Embassy in
          Lima, Peru, killing nine people and injuring 32. The U.S. State
          Department reported no American casualties, injuries, or damage.

          June 14, 2002: A suicide bombing in front of the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, left 12 dead and 51 injured.

          Nov. 9, 2002: The security supervisor for the U.S. embassy in
          Nepal was shot dead at his house in Kathmandu. Maoist rebels claimed
          responsibility for the incident.

          May 12, 2003: In a series of attacks, suicide bombers blew
          themselves up in a truck loaded with explosives in a complex that housed
          staff working for U.S. defense firm Vinnell in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
          (The contractors worked out of the U.S. embassy.) At least eight
          Americans were killed in the incident. Al-Qaida was suspected
          responsible for the incident. This was one of three attacks, involving
          at least nine suicide bombers and suspected to have involved 19
          perpetrators overall.

          July 30, 2004: Two people, including a suicide bomber, were
          killed and one person was injured as a suicide bomber set off an
          explosion at the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The Israeli
          Embassy and the Uzbekistan Prosecutor General’s Office in Tashkent were
          also attacked in related incidents.

          Oct. 24, 2004: Edward Seitz, the assistant regional security
          officer at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, died in a mortar or
          possible rocket attack at Camp Victory near the Baghdad airport. An
          American soldier was also injured. He was believed to be the first U.S.
          diplomat killed following the March 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

          Nov 25, 2004: Jim Mollen, the U.S. Embassy’s senior consultant
          to the Iraqi Ministers of Education and Higher Education, was killed
          just outside the Green Zone in Baghdad.

          Dec. 7, 2004: Gunmen belonging to al-Qaida in the Arabian
          Penninsula stormed the U.S. Consulate in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, triggering
          a bloody four-hour siege that left nine dead. One American was slightly
          injured in the assault.

          Jan. 29, 2005: Unknown attackers fired either a rocket or a
          mortar round at the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad. The strike killed
          two U.S. citizens and left four others injured.

          Sept. 7, 2005: Four American contractors employed with a
          private security firm supporting the regional U.S. embassy office in
          Basra, Iraq, were killed when a roadside bomb exploded near their
          convoy. Three of the contractors died instantly, and the fourth died in a
          military hospital after the bombing.

          March 2, 2006: An unidentified driver detonated a car bomb
          while driving past the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, killing a
          himself, a U.S. Consulate worker and at least three others.

          Sept. 12, 2006: Islamic militants attacked the U.S. embassy in
          Damascus, Syria, with hand grenades, rifles, and a vehicle rigged with
          explosives. One guard and the four attackers died.

          July 8, 2007: Two Iraqi U.S. Embassy workers were killed when
          the wife went to deliver a ransom for her husband who had been kidnapped
          in Baghdad. One of the couple’s bodyguards was killed in the failed

          Jan. 14, 2008: A bomb hidden on a north Beirut highway hit a
          U.S. Embassy vehicle, killing at least three Lebanese bystanders. The
          car’s Lebanese driver and an American at a nearby school were wounded.

          March 18, 2008: Al-Qaida’s wing in Yemen, Jund Al-Yemen
          Brigades, fired between three and five mortar rounds toward the U.S.
          embassy, but instead they hit a girls’ school nearby, killing a guard
          and a schoolgirl and injuring 19 others in Sanaa, Yemen.

          July 9, 2008: Four unknown gunmen killed three Turkish police at the U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

          Sept. 17, 2008: Suspected al-Qaida militants disguised as
          security forces detonated vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices,
          fired rocket propelled grenades, rockets and firearms on the U.S.
          Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. A suicide bomber also blew himself up at the
          embassy. Six Yemeni police, four civilians (including an American
          civilian), and six attackers were killed while six others were wounded
          in the attack.

          Nov. 27, 2008: A Taliban suicide car bomber targeted the U.S.
          Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing four civilians in addition to the
          suicide bomber and wounding 18 others. The embassy was hosting a
          Thanksgiving Day event as Americans and other foreigners were arriving
          at the venue at the time of the attack.


          • Doug Griffiths

            Who said Obama would drop the ball on a 3 am call for help. It was Hillary and she got the call requesting for help at 5 pm Friday night and she ignored it and later claimed a obscure video was to blame fore all the problems. She later said what does it matter. All lives matter. She could have asked our military to assist but ignored the whole amess. She was the sectary of state & had the power to do something out her than lieing and smearing the mess up. Now we see the Clinton’s can’t control their own foundation they started. Is this leadership, I think not. I will not vote for anyone baced on their sex, or color of skin and anyone that does in my opinion is an idiot. We need leaders not a puppet. Now if you can’t understand that I’m sorry you can’t understand what I have said.

          • Nastasyana

            Please show me the source of your information.

          • TAM44

            Try pulling your head out of obama and killery’s butt and just maybe you will see these scum bags for who they are.

          • Nastasyana

            Is your response a source of information?

          • TAM44

            Killery Clinton by here dereliction of duty let four men die after they had requested more security and were not giving any. Both obama and killery should be in prison for their treasonous ways.

          • Nastasyana

            And what is your source for this information? FOX “News” I bet.

          • jackieray

            was advised it was not necessary or possible by advisers when you do not have
            the professional insight you defer to those who do

      • TAM44 Reply

        nastasyana, You’re one sick piece of steaming obama and you’re a stupid as they come.

  2. Please don’t be confused the only people that want her as the next president are the liberals, those living off of entitlements or any government money. She is a liar and will sell out her best friend for her own agenda. She does not have the best interest of the American people as a major concern as hers.
    As the article point out there are many flaws that if the common population was to do the same things would be facing prison time and she is running for president.
    This is similar to the IRS employees that have been caught not paying taxes but they keep their job but should be fired, should face federal prosecution but will not. The government needs to be completely overhauled from the top down; every chair, every office.

    • mallen11 Reply

      I totally agree but only God can overhaul this government. Man has made a mess of things and man can’t solve man’s problems.
      1 Cor 2:5…so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God
      Luke 18:27 But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”

      • There have been times that God stepped aside and allowed the people to go into oppression because they would not obey his Word. We as the people have the responsibility to fight for what is right in God’s eyes. For example the school board in Fairfax Virgina voted 10 -1 allowing transgenders to use opposite bathrooms so now they have a guy going into the girls bathroom. This was due to the federal government threatening to pull funding. This should not take place ever. If the Christian isn’t going to stand up and say no; then why should God?

        It is not what men eat but what they digest that makes them strong;

        Not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich;

        Not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned;

        Not what we preach, teach, listen to, but what we practice that makes us Christians.

        • mallen11 Reply

          Yes, God has done that many times and man has never been able to do anything except to turn back to Him, learn His ways and apply them to their lives and He healed their land just like He can do in our land. Yes, as long as man tries to solve their own problems, He takes His hands off.

          • What you say is true but the depth of the problem goes very deep.

            Currently we are a country of many that don’t continually believe they don’t need God and they believe they can live a life filled with sin and God will save them. Since God cannot be a part of sin the people will need to turn to Him. We as a country are made of people seeking entitlements, desiring the government to take care of them than doing for themselves, believing same sex marriage is ok and we should accept it. The Lord Jesus did die to save us but we must repent/turn away from our sinful lifestyle. It is vital that we turn away from and right now we as a country are being led by a Muslim that has a different spiritual view point and this is a major issue.

          • mallen11

            Yes, I agree and the depth of the problems cannot be healed man’s way. God may have to discipline our Nation very severally before enough people wake up and realize they are headed in the wrong direction. How many Christians know enough about God’s Word to be able to cope when great suffering comes? If they don’t realize they are doing what is wrong how can they change their mind about what they are doing? (Repent in the Bible means change of mind in the Greek). All “teachers” of God’s Word need to give their congregations what they need to do to change their ways, learn His written Word so they can trust in God no matter what happens.

          • The difference between you and I is not that God can or cannot change people I see God as until we as Christians stand up and say no more, kick the president out of the office, stop tolerance for if they are in sin they must stop the sin and repent, and I see the potential of some type of oppression. For it was the people that have turned from God; God did not turn from the people.

            Here is part of a Research Word Study that I did on repentance/repent some years ago.
            Remember that to repent /Repentance is for the Christian and there are a whole lot of people that are not Christians. For the non-Christians do not see themselves as sinners regardless of how they treat people.
            These Comments Will Not accept Hebrew
            Repent, Repentance

            Old Testament:
            Verb (nāḥam), GK 5714 (S5162), 108x

            nāḥam bears two distinct but related meanings in the OT; the first is to confront, console and the second is relent, repent, change one’s mind, be grieved.
            This verb is especially applied to God’s changing his mind.

            Verb (ʻānȃ), GK 6700 (S6031), 79x

            ʻānȃ can denote humbling in a positive sense (repentance and contrition) or with connotations of violence, affliction and oppression.
            Forms of ʻānȃ that are pleasing to God include fasting and prayer (Lev. 16:31; 23:27; Psalm 35:13).

            Verb (šûb), GK 8740 (S7725), 1075x

            The basic sense of šûb is to turn, return, repent, go/come back. In the
            moral-spiritual realm, šûb can describe the human act of repentance turning
            away from sin or idolatry and turning to God.

            New Testament

            Repent, Repentance

            Noun – μετάνοια (metanoia) GK 3567; (S3341), 22x

            Verb – μετανοέω (metanoeō), GK 3566; (S3340), 34x.

            Both noun and verb denote a radical, moral turn of the whole person from sin and to God.

            The words themselves are derived from meta (after) plus nous (mind, understand) for the noun or noeō (to perceive, understand) for the verb.

            Repentance denotes a radical turning from sin to a new way of life oriented towards God. Peter says to Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8:22,
            Repent of your wickedness. True repentance is proven by actions and fruitful living (Matthew 3:8; Acts 26:20). Paul expresses anxiety that he might find some in the Corinthian church who have not repented of their former sins (2 Cor. 12:21). Those who experience a plague of fire in the book of Revelation refuse to repent and give glory to God (Rev. 16:9)

            Repentance is the appropriate response to the nearness of the kingdom of God.

            Repentance goes hand in hand with the forgiveness of sin when one becomes a Christian.

            Repentance is for sinners (Luke 15:7).

          • mallen11

            I believe we are saying the same thing. People need to change their minds about what they are doing and do things God’s way according to His written Word then our country will be established as a free Nation again. As goes the believer, so goes the nation under God.

          • The real truth will tell for this election and if a liberal or democrat like Hilary is elected this country will experience a hell that we have never felt. I would never state rapture or anything like that but with the Muslims pushing for Sharia law in many of the states and it is passing which is against the constitution. City of Michigan has accepted it;


            (Washington, D.C.): Center for Security Policy Press today launched a collection of monographs called the Civilization Jihad Reader Series with the publication of an update to an earlier and highly influential study concerning the insinuation of Islam’s supremacist shariah legal code into the U.S. judiciary. Entitled Shariah in American Courts: The Expanding Incursion of Islamic Law in the U.S. Legal System, this inaugural booklet documents 146 cases in 32 states in which a party to litigation attempted to have the matter resolved by applying shariah, rather than the statutes of the state in question.

          • mallen11

            Also, I want to thank you for your in-depth research. I am copying and pasting for my files. I have notes from my pastor on the same subject but your added some info I did not have.

          • Any time you would like to have a discussion on a topic I will share with you what I see. The best thing I could ever say is that from a theological perspective is that always use scholarly commentaries not lay commentaries, never read just one it is best to read 3 or 4 and always compare between 4 different versions of the bible.
            Versions of the Bible: For all my studying I use ESV (Eastern Standard Ver)

            Literal – NASB; KJV; ESV; NRSV; RSV
            Dynamic Equivalent: NIV; NET; NAB; JB; NEB
            Free: NLT; NCV; TEV; GNB
            Paraphrase: Message and LB

            Exegetical Commentaries:
            Seek to explain the meaning of the Bible text. The better ones not only explain the commentator’s understanding of the text, bit give alternative views and reasons for or against various interpretations.

            Homiletical Commentaries:
            Explain the meaning of the text, but in less detail. The primary aim is to guide preachers in sermon preparation. This may include sermon illustrations and outlines.

            Devotional Commentaries:
            Are relatively weal in the explanation of the meaning of the
            text, spending most space on applying the Bible text to like. Because many authors for these books are often not Bible scholars, there exegesis is usually less carefully done.

            To study a passage, you should use the exegetical commentaries primarily.
            Commentaries may also be categorized by level of detail.
            That is, what knowledge the author assumes the reader will have.

          • mallen11

            Thank you. I respect your knowledge and willingness to respond to biblical or secular topics. However, I have been studying under my pastor since 1972 who teaches

          • jackieray

            and you probally don’t vote because all fall short of the perfection of god thus evil wins but you sit in your little world secure while the rest of the world is on the road to hell

          • mallen11

            When I read your post, I thought how sad that you would write something about someone that you don’t even know that is so untrue. What a bitter life you must have. It is amazing that you are actually writing about yourself and you don’t even realize it. The Lord Jesus Christ knows who you are and died on the cross for your sins and you don’t even care. Wake up to the truth and it will set you free.
            Heb 12:2fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
            Heb 4:12For the word of God is alive and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

  3. mudguy1 Reply

    Like Obama more people vote for him because he was black not because he was the right person. So more people will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman.

  4. Get Real Reply

    Liberal democrats are parasites that have lived off of the productive part of our society for decades via wealth re-distribution.. It is generational. The democrat voter has been bought and paid for with taxpayer money for an equal amount of time….Election day on the Democrat side is pay day.

    • jackieray Reply

      That’s why they win the GOP sit back each other to pieces over some little detail of idoligy
      and lose while feeling good about themselves but non the less loseing they must have perfection or nothing and since perfection is an ideal must be satisfide with nothing

  5. Dora Glasberg Reply

    Right wing loon calling something a scandal
    does not make it a scandal

    • TAM44 Reply

      DANGER exposure to injury or evil; peril; hazard; jeopardy.

      ENRAGE to fill with rage; to provoke to frenzy or madness; to anger immoderately.

      Migraine severe headache often accompanied by nausea.

      OBNOXIOUS offensive; objectionable.

      CONTRADICT to assert; the contrary of; to deny.

      RILE to anger; to exasperate; to irritate.

      AWRY twisted to one side; crooked

      THREAT declaration of determination to harm another; menace.

      SOCIALIST an advocate or supporter of socialism.

      • Dora Glasberg Reply

        REPUBLICANS = morons who repeatedly vote against their own best interests.

        • TAM44 Reply

          I’m not a republican for one thing, and I have never voted for a demoncrat in my life as they are destroying America big time with all the BS they can shovel on the citizens of America. They denounced God, they are demoralizing America, and destroying it as fast as they can. obama sucks and so do you dill weed.

          • Well the action of our current administration is not really a democratic action. His action is more directed in the area of socialism or very left liberalism the same way that Bernie Sanders. Bernie will also be a disaster for this country.
            He continues to concentrate on ways for the government to take care of the people instead of concentrating on employment. If we had more people employed then they would not need government health insurance. People should be able to take care of themselves instead of someone else providing for our needs and heck even for wants.

          • TAM44

            I myself security worked for 53 years and paid into social security the whole time I worked only to see it abused and used for socialist programs. Then I was paying Medicare out of my earnings and it too is being abused. Obama could careless about people getting jobs, he want them on welfare easier to control. I’m disgusted with both parties as they are for themselves and to hell with the people. I just hope America can rebound and have a leader who loves this country and it’s people and obeys the laws of this land and puts people back to work by lowering the taxes as these young people cannot even find forty hour jobs. We need a true conservative who will not allow this obama nightmare to continue.

          • I do believe that there are a couple of good ones that will be on the ballet this time that actually have the American people interest at heart. I have voted democrat and republican depending on the candidate. I voted republican back when I was in the military in the 70’s and I have to admit that I voted for Carter (big mistake), and voted for Clinton during his first race. I try to look at the person and see if I can really tell if they are full of it. I did not vote either time for this joke of a president now.
            You know the sad part about the last obama election was he actually lost the popular vote from the people but was elected by the Electoral Votes by the Representatives.

          • TAM44

            We need someone who cares about Americas future and it’s people, killery clinton only cares about herself and damn the people, She deserves to be in prison along with her then boss barack hussein obama.

          • I couldn’t agree with you more. She is liar, she covers up the truth, and she does not have anyone’s interest at heart except her own.

          • jackieray

            that’s where you are wrong by not voteing agan’st him you voted for him thank you for your service? McCain or Romney would have been better for the country but they wern’t perfect enough for you no one will ever be welcome to the Democratic Rrepublick

          • I did vote against him. I knew he was a Muslim in the first election and yes I did vote for Romney. I felt that he would be the best of the two and will not vote for any Muslim. They do not run the country as I see is in the best interest of the American people and he has proven that.

        • James Cain ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ Reply

          haha, busted!! your true colors

        • jackieray Reply

          actually they Non-vote against their interests because the candidate isn’t perfect in there eyes and they have perfection they would rather have nothing so they can sit around and Whine

    • wapitihunter Reply

      Left wing retards are too stupid to figure it out. Just play along with them to your grave.

      • jackieray Reply

        calling them names it doesen’t matter to them as long as their side wins and the free stuff keeps coming they are not stupid to vote against their own interest unlike republicans


  7. wapitihunter Reply

    I am tired of 40 page propaganda and 30 minute videos to brain wash people into buying something. If They were such patriots They could say all this in about a page or two and spit it out. But no you have to buy 2, 3 or 4 books to learn some “weird” trick or some miracle cure or something to avoid after they get your money.
    Bill and Hillary have been into a lot of crooked s*it and still are. But this scandal goes back way before Bill. General Mills has been around a long time. How could the Big tobacco companies know tobacco was bad before anyone else did? I do not think tobacco is the evil that it has been made into. I think the bigger evil is the pesticideses and chemical fertilizers and any other “additives” are the greater evil. But when anything is burned it will give off toxins. Anything in moderation is not always bad and can be beneficial. Anything in excess is always bad. If pot is legalized and commercialized the same thing and very likely worse thing will be discovered.
    Exposing things bad is good but trying to get rich off of them is bad. And nothing is ever free but God’s love and forgiveness.
    Hillary should be defeated because she is evil. She has corrupted and destroyed but this “scandal” goes way beyond her.

    • jackieray Reply

      nothing is ever free but God’s love and forgiveness.
      not so you must give all thought of self determination and free will or burn in Hellfire forever

      • wapitihunter Reply

        Not so! You can not buy God’s love or forgiveness. He gives it free. He gave his son freely to allow us to live. No matter how hard you work, no matter how much money you have and how much money you give, if you are trying to buy your salvation, you are condemned. What saves you are your beliefsand that has no price.

  8. R. Eilers Reply

    Hillary walked across her kitchen floor barefoot. ANOTHER scandal

    • Dora Glasberg Reply

      I heard when Hillary was 5,
      she called her mother a Doodyhead!!!!!
      They attack Hillary out of frustration
      because ALL their candidates are so flawed and have a ton of baggage,
      Hey Walker supporters, have you even looked at WI’s economy?

  9. USCBIKER Reply

    None of the things listed in this piece denote a powerful person, they are the stuff of corruption and decadence.

    • Dora Glasberg Reply

      No, taking a bath in melted chocolate is decadence.

  10. Parkite2 Reply

    I really wish everyone would understand the dangers of GMOs and quit believing the lies that chemical companies and the FDA/USDA are foisting on the American people. Demand that at least that GMO food stuffs be labeled. They should really be abolished.

    • jackieray Reply

      opnions are like a55h0les every body has one yours has not proven more valid than their’s

  11. jackieray Reply

    This drivel is an attempt to sell you something

    1 in the 1970’s, when she was a lawyer, she
    successfully defended a child rapist, even though she knew he was guilty.
    being a lawyer it was her job to make the
    prosecution prove there case anything would be malfeasance
    2 She allegedly falsified statements to the
    Federal Election Commission about a large donation to her 2000 Senate campaign
    She allegedly not proven just alleged
    3 More
    recently, she was involved in the Benghazi scandal so were the president and
    joint chiefs
    4 Hillary Clinton publicly confessed that she as a private citizen was in favor
    of this health experiment as are many other private citizens there are some that
    are against it and as private citizens that is their right
    I don’t like Hillery but if she fell dead tomorrow the next president will be her sucessor in the democratic party because the republicans will not come togather behind the party candidate remember every non-vpte is a vote for the democrats

  12. the American Reply

    How many scandals is it going to take to wake up Americans?

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