Obama’s old voters, Trumps new Supporters

A number of former Obama supporters who bought into the president’s message of “hope and change” in 2008 have found a new champion to lead them toward success and prosperity: GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

Bombshell Undercover Video Could Tank Hillary’s Campaign

James O’Keefe of Veritas videos went from being mocked and derided by the liberal left to almost single-handedly tanking the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Here’s his latest video that has shocked the political world and has threatened to take down the Democrat ...

Watch Marco Rubio Slap Down Democratic Candidate

Marco Rubio made a lot of people laugh with delight when he took down the Democrat trying to snag his U.S. Senate seat in this year’s election during a debate.

Watch Rubio destroy his opponent with a well-timed retort here:



Anti-Trump Mob Attacks Homeless Trump Supporter

In a video that has outraged many on social media, a homeless woman in Los Angeles is attacked by an angry mob who objects to her being a Trump fan. According to social media reports, she was trying to protect Trump’s star ...

Harry Reid Makes Outrageous Accusation To Save Hillary

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is up to his old tricks again – remember when he made a baseless accusation against Mitt Romney in 2012 that he didn’t pay his taxes? It turns out that he was completely lying and he admitted ...