Trump Fires Back at Colbert

President Donald Trump fired back at Stephen Colbert in an interview this week following the Late Show host’s profanity-filled attacks on him during a segment on his show this month.

California To Allow Communists to Work in Gov.

The California State Assembly passed a bill Monday to allow state employees to be communists — a surprise to observers who may have presumed many state employees were already communists.

FBI head just admitted Trump is RIGHT

The United States’ admission of Syrian refugees was never as generous (or perhaps “naive” would be a better word) as our European neighbors, which have brought in hordes of refugees (and migrants) by the millions. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t increased our ...

Terrorists Release 82 Kidnapped Girls

Nigerian authorities announced the release of an estimated 82 of the 276 girls kidnapped by the Islamic State-affiliated terrorist group Boko Haram from a mostly Christian school in Chibok, Nigeria, in 2014 this weekend. The release appears to be part of a ...