Fewer Illegals Filing Tax Returns Under Trump

While Americans are scrambling to meet the 2016 tax filing deadline, the number of illegal immigrants submitting their returns in the present climate are reportedly down significantly. Also, a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report exposing significant refund fraud has “most ...

Muslim-Americans Arrested for Helping ISIS

Joseph D. Jones and Edward Schimenti, who went, respectively, by “Yusuf Abdulhaqq” and “Abdul Wali,” were arrested by the FBI in Zion, Illinois Wednesday and charged with providing material support for terrorism.

Lowry: Obama’s The ‘Russian Stooge’

In a column for the New York Post, political pundit, Rich Lowry, laid out a devastating case indicting former President Barack Obama as the “real Russian stooge,” a stark contrast to the narrative currently being pushed by the mainstream media.

Trump Ends Federal Hiring Freeze

The Trump White House lifted the restriction on hiring federal workers. In exchange, federal agencies must submit plans to cut waste, fraud, and abuse from their budgets.

4 Reasons Susan Rice Should Be Investigated

A bombshell report last week revealed that Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security advisor, asked the intelligence community for information on and subsequently unmasked members of Trump’s transition team and campaign. As a result of this revelation, pressure has been mounting for an investigation into Rice over these ...