Conway: ‘The race is not over’

Donald Trump‘s campaign manager says Trump is far from done, despite a series of poor poll results.

“Look, every time somebody tries to apply conventional principles to Donald Trump, they’re wrong,” Kellyanne Conway told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday.
“Because this is a guy who has defied convention from day one, and I believe the people are making up their own mind. They won’t be told, just as in the primaries, they won’t be told who can win, how to think, who to vote for, what to believe, the race is over. The race is not over.”

Conway expressed confidence that supporters of Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, will come through in crucial battleground states and agreed with Hannity that Trump has a clear path to victory on Election Day.

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One Response to “Conway: ‘The race is not over’”

  1. This woman Hillary was heard saying that if she goes down they all go down.
    Its the first thing I agree upon since I laid eyes on her skank @$$ tabloids. If Vince Foster were only here to say something. We wont leave her own deplorable out of this either! That cocaine business Clinton and his brother had going on that killed those 2 teen age boys. I hope when Trump gets in office he does drain the swamp.

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