FBI head just admitted Trump is RIGHT

The United States’ admission of Syrian refugees was never as generous (or perhaps “naive” would be a better word) as our European neighbors, which have brought in hordes of refugees (and migrants) by the millions. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t increased our level of risk.

Despite the small number of refugees the Obama administration pushed to allow in (10,000, at a cost of $64,370 per-person to resettle over five-years), there was more debate over the unintended consequences of such a policy here than abroad. The main concern was of terrorists slipping through the cracks, which has proved to be a very real problem in Europe (as one of the attackers on the Paris Bataclan nightclub entered the European Union as a faux-refugee).

But how common is the problem really? National Review’s Mark Krikorian reports: The narrative about refugee resettlement spun by the invite-the-world crowd is that refugees pose no threat to Americans. To pick only the first link to pop up in Google, see this from VOA: “UNHCR: Refugees Pose No Threat to US National Security“. This is because they are “rigorously vetted“, “the most thoroughly vetted of all people entering our nation“. The problem is that vetting is only as good as the information available. And we simply don’t have access to information that would successfully identify potential bad guys


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source: http://www.allenbwest.com/matt-palumbo/oops-fbi-head-just-accidentally-admitted-trump-right

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