Why Is Obama Treating Christians Differently than Muslims? White House Press Secretary Has No Good Answer

In a recent presidential press brief, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was under the gun for a statement he made concerning the recent beheadings of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men by the terrorist group, ISIS. Earnest had responded to the murders, on behalf of President Obama, by condemning the actions. However, in his written statement, he referred to the men as “citizens,” rather than Christians.

Fox News reporter Ed Henry pressed Earnest on why he chose that language, since the video of the beheadings made it clear the men were killed because of their Christian faith. The motivation was so clear that even Pope Francis spoke out on the subject.

Henry also pointed out that the President had issued a statement on the murders of three young people in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and had referred to the religious faith of the victims. The case is being investigated as a possible hate crime, although the motivation of the killer is still undetermined. If Obama was willing to cite the religion of the Muslim victims, why did he not accord the same status to the Christian victims of ISIS?

Earnest backtracked, citing Obama’s recent prayer breakfast statement affirming the importance of freedom of religion.

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254 Responses to “Why Is Obama Treating Christians Differently than Muslims? White House Press Secretary Has No Good Answer”

  1. Defend 2nd Amendment Reply

    The same reason why our POS traitor in the WH is treated the same as patriots.

  2. Richard Olsen Reply

    He’s trying not to inculcate the bigotry so prominent in the political right. His refusal to label ISIS as Islamic is similar to Christians’ refusal to label Jim Jones or the Branch Davidians as Christian. And his refusal to label American victims of ISIS as Christian or anything other than American is due to his adherence to secularism (or perhaps his attempts to not grant any legitimacy whatsoever to the actions of ISIS). Not very difficult to understand people.

    • RMCSRET Reply

      Well Richard if he does want to adhere to Secularism and ISIS then he is doing a piss poor job since he uses the term Islamic over and over again. There is no cover up for
      Obama on this issue. He has said on numerous occasions that he prefers the Islamic
      religion over all. During his speech in Cairo, His statements that he thinks the call to
      prayer is the most beautiful thing in the world and on and on. So you have a huge job
      to convince large amounts of people to believe that this President is not pro

    • Spoken like a true damn fool apologist for the muslim squatter in the White House.

    • calvinsibert Reply

      Richard, the word Christian means Christlike. jim jones and the branch dividians were not Christian, they were people acting out their own will, not God’s. Something that cannot be said about islam because islam commands its followers to do exactly what they are doing. Hope that clears it up for you.

      • opieonit Reply

        Amen, brother! Just because one claims Christianity as a cause for one’s actions, it doesn’t make one a Christian. Christianity is not a religion. It’s a relationship between a human being and God, through one’s relationship with Christ.

    • Bandit Reply

      Go back and re-listen to some of his early speeches like the first ones he gave after steeling the W/H in the first place. You will HEAR him say that he is and will always be mazlam, He will always back anything and everything that the mazlamz do, he has nothing but hate for the people of this country.

    • opieonit Reply

      Not difficult to understand from a “like” point of view, huh? Only a lemming knows what it’s like to be a lemming. And only those “crainially intubated” know what it’s like to have their thoughts and opinions placed in their brains for them. Saves them from having to think for themselves. Nice and convenient, but I’ll form my own thoughts and opinions, thank you!

    • As a Christian we are directed to test the spirits of those that call themselves Christians. In John 4:1 we are told to not believe every spirit because there are many false spirits. The leader of the branch Jim Jones was a false spirit and many have followed the false spirit of the president.
      They believed his change was going to be good and it is if you want to follow Islam and what they stand for. When we look at a country of Islam it is discovered that it starts at the top and goes down to the smallest individual. The government is Islam, the people are Islam.
      The people in America were so blinded by seeking what they thought was a good leader. He said the right things and he brought a different look and offered entitlements by the government without doing any work. The more entitlements there are the more people rely on the government creating more unemployment, a larger separation between the wealthy and the lower economic class. The spirit was not tested and the people have been mislead.

    • FreeMann9 Reply

      he calls it ISIL….and if you pay attention, he has his press secretary doing the same.
      Big difference in the reference.

    • The Lamb with 2 Horns, Horns=Catholic and Protestant. Silly Little Christain Rabbits. We are in JACOB’S TROUBLES, and in the SIGN OF NOAH, But the NOTHING knew NOTHING of the SOMETHING.

      • Franie Reply

        Would you like to be coherent with your nonsensical ranting?

      • jd1958 Reply

        WOW, you’re out there. We won’t enter the time of Jacobs’ trouble until the Holy Spirit is removed and the lawless one is revealed. But to remove the Holy Spirit, the church also has to go with………..

        • phylmike34 Reply

          what church?the same one that sits quietly while Christians are being murdered and persecuted and quietly accepting queers,the church is dead!

          • John Henry

            There are two churches today, Jesus spoke to both in Revelation chapter three, your talking about the second Laodicea.

            Revelation 3:14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the
            creation of God;

            15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

            16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

            17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of
            nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

            18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

            19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

            20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

            21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I
            also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

            22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

          • jd1958

            Perhaps in your church. But what are “YOU” doing about it? Sitting there quietly accepting queers?

          • KingDon

            Ken, I’ve really honestly tried very hard to decipher your rants into something understandable, but no luck. You talk in circles.

          • The book in the last chapter of Daniel has been opened, and all truth will be revealed. CHRIST IN YOU A HOPE OF GLORY is were it is at, in your HEART. The Kingdom of Heaven.

        • FreeMann9 Reply

          You are repeating a lie told to you by your corporate preacher. They are nothing but prophets-for-a-paycheck.

        • Joseph was Jacob’s second youngest Son. Joseph had two Son’s in Eygpt that Jacob=ISRAEL blessed MANASSEH and EPHRAIM The 12 Son’s of Jacob is the WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Yes we are JACOB=ISRAEL

          • FreeMann9

            yes…and when old man Israel (who’s name was changed to Jacob) laid his hands on the two boys, blessing the younger (ephriam) over the elder (Manasseh) for a blessing he said “let my named be named upon them”…Gen 48:16…he said the would be a very great nation and a company of nations….the Only two brother/kin nations that have ever fit this in all of history is America and the British Empire.
            Joseph (his children) got the best blessing because Rueben (the oldest) laid with one of Jacobs concubines and therefore the blessing went to the first born of Rachel, whom was the one the old man Israel loved in the first place.
            Rueben can be traced to modern day France….most people don’t even realize Denmark means “the mark of Dan”
            ….those ten “lost tribes” were never really lost..they “unlearned” their identities due to not keeping the sabbath.

            Deuteronomy 5:15 tells it…
            12 Keep the sabbath day to sanctify it, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee.
            13 Six days thou shalt labour, and do all thy work:
            14 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thine ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates; that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest as well as thou.
            15 And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and that the Lord thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to keep the sabbath day.

    • John Henry Reply

      You mission CaptTurbo is to put your claim to the test by climbing up into that wooden horse and killing those hiding inside…

        • John Henry Reply

          That may well be what many are doing if they believe as Captturbo does, as for me I know Islam for what it is, where it came from and what the Bible has to say.

          These people who are war with us are Fundamentalist of Islam, a religion that goes back to the Tower of Babel. That is the reason why Mohammad had no problems converting Assyrians to it. OK he made a couple of changes but it’s basically the worship of Baal or the “Moon God” Sin. That is the thing about Babel, afterwards those people moved to different places, and spoke different languages, but told the same stories and used different names for the same guy.

          As for me, I am prepared, and well armed with the truth. There is a Trojan Horse of Islam, and he is in the White House, but I have yet figured a way to climb up into that wooden horse and eliminate the threat, and my fellow Countrymen are too cowardly to do anything about it in Congress.

          • FreeMann9

            i hear it all the time….”we don’t have to fight on our now because God won’t allow it”…I’ll not listen to the drivel of a lukewarm christian or a milk toast pastor….not when my Savior said to sell my cloak if I had to, to buy a sword.

          • Melissa Reginelli

            Absurd….at best. You know nothing. Seriously.

        • mustangsallyann Reply

          I was just getting ready to say, you all better stay clean shaven then. ;o)

      • Jack Black Reply

        If push come to shove they will be very easy to recognize. If they have a beard they are a target!

        • Melissa Reginelli Reply

          It’s obvious you can’t grow one. Too manly, huh?

          • KingDon

            I’ll bet you’re sporting a pretty good one though, aren’t you Melissa?

      • The Fox Reply

        John Henry, what do you suggest? You seem to be all knowing, so will you fire the first shot? Will you put your life on the line for your beliefs? Talk is cheap, action says it all.

        • John Henry Reply

          what would you have asked of those in Boston in 1773?

          Would have told them talk is cheap as well?

          Even the old people did their part, as limited as that was, while the young men did what ever was needed.

          If Something is coming … who’s side are you on?.

        • FreeMann9 Reply

          Look into Revelations…the “pale” in “pale horse actually translates as green…the color of islam…look where it say he “made war with the saints” and “was given power to overcome them”…..it’s a war for sure, but you can’t fight head-on….asymmetric is the only way

  3. because hes a worthless gay illegal muslim terrorrist.hes admitted it to your faces,wake up.the enemy of the united states.and all democrats and liberals are as guilty of treason as he is.

    • renda blue Reply

      OHBUMMER is a MOOSE LIMB USURPER Rat fink he said When push comes to shove I wil STAN WIT THE MOOSE LIMBS

    • Many tree’s of Liberty on the whitehouse lawn. They look like they need watering.

    • razorm Reply

      The LIBS and DEMOTURDS which are LIBS, are infidels. They don’t understand ovomit hates them as much as he hates RINOS, conservatives and real Americans.

    • Christopher Allen Reply

      Why is it you want to insult “gays”? That idiot is so far from “gay” it’s like day and night! I would rather have a “gay” in office than that clown and dictator wanna be!

      • amarillovet Reply

        search Larry Sinclair on utube and he can tell you why obozo is a peter puffer.

        • Melissa Reginelli Reply

          Hardly, you knuckleheads choose to be uninformed, a choice you revere.

          • amarillovet

            put down your playgirl and read a book once in awhile. You are evidently a troglodyte.

        • David West Reply

          and poo stabber?
          is he the top or bottom or is he bi-gaysexual?

          • amarillovet

            I’d guess he plays pitcher and catcher. Saw an interview with a girl that went to high school with him and he was know as a queer then.

      • his roommate in collage said they had a short romance, But thats not what scars me he also said he was very Communist minded. More so than he was, and he was very communist Himself, they used to go to meetings together on campus and Obama was very pro Communist. His roommate was from Pakistan

    • To be fair and honest, Grover Norquest (Bush 43) chief adviser and good friend is head of Muslim affairs and had the Muslim Brotherhood in the WH under 43 adm. Remember Bush’s big speech on 9/11/01? “Islam is a religion of peace” All said while he was surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood? he wasnt as blatant as Obummer but still embraced them. The head of the Conservative Caucus is also Muslim. Just to set the record straight. Clinton had them in hos WH as well as Hillary and Humma Adadine have been best friends for many years and Humma and all her family are big Muslim Brotherhood elite. And Humma is Anthony Weiners wife. The infiltration goes much further than people know on BOTH sides of the isle. We need to get rid of the whole bunch and fundamentally change our country back, IF we can get it back. Personally, I think the infiltration is too deep for us to recover. I pray its not but I fear it is.

  4. We no longer have a POTUS , the correct term for now of course is DOTUS. DUMBO of the United States.

    • Bandit Reply

      The proper term for what we have in the W/H is DICTATORSHIP, bamba boy is not only acting like a dictator but is and has been talking like one as well.

  5. hankster6 Reply

    There is a very simple answer, but Obama’s spokesperson can not tell us the truth. To Obama, Christians are infidels and worthy of death at the hands of ISIS/radical Muslims. You can believe this or not. Obama is, also, a radical Muslim and pretend Christian. Why do you think that he protect terrorists? To him, their are his Muslim brothers.

    • opieonit Reply

      It’s obvious that Josh Earnest always speaks with his mouth full.

      • KingDon Reply

        It is actually embarrassing to listen to Josh try to explain away the words and actions of his mulatto master. The job he’s doing requires that you have absolutely no self-respect.

    • Linda Lee Reply

      And scarier than hell is that he is bringing them into this country by the tens of thousands at a time, supporting them, and surrounding us with them around the country. He’s doing the same thing with Hispanics who he now has on his side and using La Mecha and La Raza to aid him. He’s creating a country within a country.

      • there are those who think he really wants a war on our soil, I am starting to think its true. he really does hate this country, And dont forget long before O.B.L. was killed he did say the way to beat America was from the inside. I just dont get how people can not see who this man is, even fox protects him in ways, It makes me sick to see this country die the way it is. what ever you do in the near future Keep your powder dry…………

        • He doesn’t hate the country but what we stand for. The country is rich in many different ways, oil, beautiful land business and opportunities beyond. This would be a great place to run from the perspective of dictatorship.
          As long as people desire to have entitlements instead of working for what they have then they will always vote for that person and they are willing to sell their soul for what they get. There are 11 million on welfare, 41 + million on food stamps, total cost of food stamp program $69,800,000,000. Entitlements.

          I would also say that there are some of these where there are single mothers/fathers that are doing their very best to survive but with the high cost it is hard. Helping is one thing supporting is another.

          Resource: statisticbrain.com/food-stamp-statistics.

          • David West

            Hey Fed!
            How about you lend me 5 billion at 0.000000007%?
            Come on…just click that mouse for me. No one will notice.
            I’ll buy you lunch at the club.


          • Bungal

            Sad but very true and even those who have made it big, such as Oprah and others, want taxpayers always to fit the bill for those who will not work. We note that selling drugs in our inner city is up 3 fold since Obama took office… “Fast and Furious” anyone? Where does Oprah and those others stand on this? They still support someone they call and call themselves African Americans, yet every person on earth had ancestors from there!

        • FreeMann9 Reply

          it is true.
          …only the willfully blind refuse to see it.

        • Melissa Reginelli Reply

          No lamo……it was said by Russia that the inside job to take over Amurica, was to use the Koch family parasites. Do the research. don’t any of you people have a gd library card?

          • asoro

            Lady you got your head up your butt or is it Obamas ?

          • KingDon

            Good grief Melissa! There you go making a complete fool of yourself in public again. You have to be putting us all on. Nobody could be as ignorant as you pretend.

      • sweetsuzee Reply

        He’s not supporting the muslims and the hispanics. We are !!! It is OUR tax dollars.

      • FreeMann9 Reply

        …not quite. he’s creating a canton to destroy a nation.
        Nation means ethnicity…greek [ethnos}…translated in the KJV bible as “nation”

      • faxxmaxx Reply

        Yes, I’m glad that article circulated by The Great One, Mark Levin, had popped up all over especially on Twitter. For those who did not yet see it, I will tell you it’s a stunning (as in frighteningly nightmarish) plan by Obama to “seed” illegals into communities giving them money, housing, medical care, social security, food stamps, etc. especially for “mothers who prefer to stay home to raise their children”. The conference call also specifically noted that “these people will not assimilate, they will navigate from the shadows, essentially forcing citizens within the community into the shadows”. It was even suggested changing Thankgiving Day to “Celebrate New Americans Day”. The whole idea is to create a country within a country, as you mentioned above.
        For those who believe this is hogwash, there’s even a link to the White House memorandum, assigning different agency heads to create their plans of action by March.
        It’s bad enough to realize that this nanny state will bankrupt our nation, it’s worse to realize, when you read between the lines, that it’s not Hispanics who refuse to assimilate, but Muslims, as we’ve seen throughout Europe. So it’s my belief that Obama is seeding cities with the purpose of increasing the Muslim population.

        • Just a few months ago he criticized mothers who wanted to stay home and raise their children

          • faxxmaxx

            Muslims get special treatment because Islam isn’t keen on independent women. Always thinking, Obama is.

    • Richard Bagenstose Reply

      i kind of feel sorry for carney, he probley spends the rest of the day at confesion after the morning breifing , confessing all his lies

      • mdrod1 Reply

        DON’T feel sorry for him! He probably loves his job and salary from our taxes! Another stupid liberal Obola lackey!

    • mustangsallyann Reply

      Ironically, no matter what O thinks of himself, he’s also an infidel just like we Christian’s. isis even made that clear last week when they also threatened they were out to kill him too. The radical Muslim’s want him dead and I’ve wondered for months just how long it would take for him to figure that out himself, as he clearly follows no religion entirely. But that’s the only reason he finally released the ID of old Johnny boy, although he’d known who he was for months. How’s that for one cowardly youngster, still pretending he might possibly figure out how to really run a country of millions. God Bless and protect all of us. Amen.

      • The Fox Reply

        God will protect this country when it invites Him back into it. This country kicked Him out of government, out of schools, out of the public square and even many so called churches and you think God cares what happens to a country that has rejected Him totally? If this country doesn’t invite Him back in, it will soon be toast except for Born Again Believers who still love Him at the cost of their lives and the hate from the people around them as He will take them out of the way before this nation falls. The USA not mentioned once in the Bible and believe there is a good reason for that and being proven everyday by those who hate Him.

        • mustangsallyann Reply

          God doesn’t care about any country, per se, as in the end He’s already told us it would no longer exist. He cares about His children that resides in each of them. So I agree, this country is toast without Him but He will protect His children, even if it means bringing us home, which is the ultimate protection as far as I’m concerned. It’s why it’s clearly stated that those who have pride in life, possession’s, temptations can not truly love Him as this world is not of Him. I don’t fear leaving here for one second, He knows my name. I fear for those that He doesn’t know. And they reside in every nation on this earth as well. God has already begun bringing some of His children home. No one’s going to wake up one day to find a mass exodus of people, it will happen continually and more gradually. It’s why we’re seeing such young Christian innocent’s from all walk’s of life, young Christian athlete’s, the healthiest Christian people being plagued with disease, dropping dead with no warning now, and the list goes on and on. But ultimately, God has already told His children they will no longer reside here, but in a beautiful new Paradise that He will provide for us once this world is gone. Seriously, with the way this world has already been destroyed by industry, the wealthy, etc., why would He leave us here to live for an eternity. And we don’t all have to be born again, some of us never left Him to begin with.
          God Bless and protect you and yours. :o)

          • The Fox

            I’m not sure of your point, so everyone will be saved without being Born Again? John 3:3 and John 14:6? Who are His children, those who believe in the one true Gospel, and that of both Jews and Gentiles but, God has two parts to his plans, one for those saved by Grace and Faith, the Church (called out one’s) and the nation of Israel that He gave a promise to by a covenant made and walked by Him and depends on how true He is. You sound like you go to the Osteen Church of Gods Love without judgment and that is one sick and evil gospel for sure. I guess you think God lie’s in His word to you, says that you must be Born Again to see the Kingdom of God, is He a liar to you? He is the truth, the way and the life and without Him no one can see the kingdom of God? I guess your preacher and boldness will get you anywhere but. Shalom

          • mustangsallyann

            You didn’t understand my post at all. First, I’m Southern Baptist and we don’t study anything that doesn’t come from the King James Bible. But in the last part of your 1st post you said only those that are born again will be saved, making no mention of those who’ve been saved already and done our best to be obedient all along. It seemed to suggest if we aren’t all born again, we still can’t go home to our Father. I only included them because, as I said, some never left Him so don’t have to be born again. But no one goes back to God except through His son Jesus Christ. That’s why I’ve spent the last 25 yrs trying to get my hubby back to Jesus as he lost faith in God over 35 yrs. ago. This Sunday he will recommit himself to Jesus Christ and God and officially join our Baptist Church. I take every word in the Bible very seriously which is why I also questioned hubby when he announced this, to be certain he understood he’d be recommitting to Jesus and God so it wasn’t just about joining our Church, just so he was fully aware of what his intention’s really meant. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t for any other reason, such as to appease me. But I was Baptized as a teen although in the Church beforehand and never left our Father so don’t need to be born again now. I’ve been committed and obedient to Him as best as I could throughout my entire life. We all sin but some of us think everything through very carefully which is what I began to do the day I committed myself to Him in everything, no matter what silly or simple thing I was thinking of doing. And if I don’t get His approval, I do not do it, period. There’s not one thing on this earth that’s more important to me than to be an obedient, good child of God. In fact, I ask Him to guide me in my words and actions every single day but since you jumped the gun and were so confrontational, it makes me wonder if you do the same. There’s not one minute of my life that I don’t think of Him and ask to be led down the path He wants me to be on, in everything. I am His, heart, body and soul, and would lay down my life for Him and His honor in a heartbeat.

            Matthew 10:39
            Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

            Matthew 16:26
            What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

            As far as love without judgment, again you misunderstood. There’s plenty of Scripture directing us to stay away from fools and/or sinners. But it’s also clear we leave judgment to God, we forgive if someone hurts us and then just separate ourselves from those who don’t follow Him. We’re to witness for God to attempt to bring others back to Him, if they don’t want to hear or accept His word, we’re to separate and pray God may reach them somehow, but judgment is left for God, not man. Being so judgmental and confrontational doesn’t bring those who’ve fallen back to Jesus, it only chases them away. How can anyone be a good witness for God if they can’t even get someone to speak to them about it for more than 5 minutes, feeling you’ve done nothing but try to alienate them as your actions are so condescending? When we see ourselves like that, so much bigger and smarter than others, we’ve become prideful and that interferes with the job we’re really supposed to be here for. Laws of the land should be followed unless they go against the teachings of God but if you’re walking around judging and punishing as one man, it’s directly against what our Father teaches in that KJV. I also include the Old Testament as well as the New although most don’t anymore. You just gave a perfect example as to why judgment is left for God when you judged me, made accusations about some religion I know nothing about, so ultimately you’re wrong about pretty much all you said, thinking you really know me that well. But God knew what was in my heart all along and you didn’t inquire with kindness but instead chose to be confrontational. That’s precisely why we do need His guidance in everything, it seems we’re not quite as smart as we think we are at all, you think?

            So please, if you don’t understand what I mean, just inquire, my feelings don’t hurt very easily. I only ask for the same kindness and respect that I show you. I do find it offensive when someone preaches while going against the word of Jesus Christ at the same time. We can not just talk the talk, we must also walk the walk or we lose all credibility. Omitting your blessing from God, which I’ve never seen you do before, was very insulting but thankfully it’s only my Father that I need to be concerned with pleasing. Thankfully He knows none of us here, really have a clue about anything. I could list a ton of more Scripture to support this but I’m confident you already know them.

            Matthew 11:29
            Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
            God Bless you.

          • The Fox

            I guess you don’t read your KJV very well? John 3:3 “Jesus answered and said unto him Verily verily, I say unto thee; Except a man is born again he can not see the kingdom of God”. That is pretty clear to me. Once a person is born again they don’t have to recommit or be born again twice, once was enough. I go to a independent fundamental Bible Believing Baptist Church but where a person goes to church doesn’t save them and nobody is born saved, everyone is born a sinner, as Jesus said, there are none righteous no not one. God Bless and Shalom: PS, so you live perfectly? I thought only Jesus did?

          • mustangsallyann

            I never said I lived perfectly, that’s why I need to ask Jesus to guide my word and actions every single day. Again, you are ignoring what you want to, speaking on what you choose. So as stated in my 1st response, I no longer believe this is anything about being productive but rather to soweth discord among brethren. Peace be with you.

          • The Fox

            When you speak for God the Holy Spirit had better be your teacher and not some human being as God will hold you responsible for what you teach and preach, have a good day and enjoy yourself ordained god hood, it don’t fly with real believers.

          • mustangsallyann

            After just reading a great many of your posts, so I wasn’t being unfair in my assessment of who you really are, I’m sorry I entered into one conversation pertaining to our Father with you. It seems that you’ve not paid much attention to that Bible of yours, unless it was something you think you can use to argue with others. Possibly the reason you continually go back to one Scripture rather than giving additional information, and also why you don’t understand the additional Scripture I was able to provide to you. I know you, you’re just what I ran from when I ran to Jesus over 50 years ago. Does your Church know what you participate in after hours? I can’t imagine any Church that strictly follows God’s word allowing you to teach at all. Many of your posts read like the Westboro Baptist and that is one hypocritical and sick bunch. And I don’t pull this from assumptions made up in my own head, I pulled it from the posts you make yourself. Nope, I’m not perfect but there’s no doubt I have way more self control and always remember Jesus sees every thing I do, even on the computer. You either forget that easily, or just don’t care, neither acceptable qualities to teach others about God. No doubt about it, we’re very different, I don’t fall to temptation like those you do. No doubt you can’t comprehend someone completely committing themselves to Jesus and God wholeheartedly at such a young age, you still haven’t figured out how to do so yet.

            1 John 1:6

            5This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. 6If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; 7but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.…
            That’s pretty straightforward, and I can guarantee you’ll never see me treat and belittle other’s as you do in any post, no matter how much I disagree with them. If they’re sinners who don’t want to hear it, I just leave them be. As the Bible teaches, judgment is not my department. Better than doing as you do and killing any chance they’ll ever return to God. Hopefully you ask His forgiveness when behaving that way, you only dishonor the name of Jesus Christ and our Father God. I know God does everything for a reason and I trust Him completely. So He had a reason for bringing us together, no doubt. But since I’ve already been instructed my time with you is done, I’m confident it wasn’t because there was anything you could teach me. My time is better spent with those who ask God to guide them every moment of their lives, than to think I’m just fine all by myself and can do whatever, regardless of what Jesus said.

          • The Fox

            I can sit in a garage for years and never become a car, many can sit in a church for years and never be a christian, bye.

          • mustangsallyann

            It occurred to me part of the misunderstanding came from an age thing. Most are born again in later years, some are when quite young. But there’s also some that keep Him in their heart’s from birth. He sends a part of Himself with all of us although most don’t understand (I can provide that Scripture also if needed) or acknowledge the things we came here with until their more versed in organized Churches, teachings, etc. As it happens with me, I was talking with Jesus almost from birth according to my family. I said and did things that baffled them so rather than shut me down as so many do nowadays, they nurtured and encouraged my relationship with our Father as soon as they recognized what was happening and the mumbling of a baby became clear enough for them to understand. I don’t remember a day in my life that He wasn’t a part of it, in everything I do. That right there may be part of the misunderstanding as far as being born again. If it is, please accept my apology.

          • The Fox

            Not true, those who are truly Born Again have a new spirit from above and the old spirit we are born with is gone, period and not born Born Again, have to ask Christ into your life and admit your a sinner in need of salvation, read it, in the KJV John 3:3 and very clear even to First Southern Baptist, went to you church once and the Pastor was one sick no nothing from some school in Texas. God Bless and Shalom;

          • mustangsallyann

            As we know, every religion will have something to answer for before our Father, including the Baptist Church you think makes you so much better and more knowledgeable than all the rest. If that’s what they’ve taught you, that’s already a sin clearly stated in the Bible. I took years to find the Church that only preached God’s word and until I could find it, we studied and worshiped at home with fellow Christian’s. In fact when I did know I’d need one to carry hubby over that last hump, I prayed for our Father to send the right one to me and He did. I only had one shot to get my husband inside a Church so wasn’t about to waste that one, based on my knowledge and opinion’s at all. Only Jesus knew where it was, it’s not even local to us and He was right, just as He always is. He answered my prayer immediately and sure enough, hubby will now recommit himself after scrutinizing for months. His loss of faith came from watching so much hypocrisy in the Catholic Church. If he’d heard even one hypocrisy, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Our Pastor is a Ph.D. and doesn’t preach anything that’s not in the Bible. I was raised in a hellfire/brimstone Baptist Church (probably just like yours) and know many of them aren’t following His word, but their own agenda to add to their own personal gain. Nothing about God’s love, everything about punishment if you don’t hand over everything you own to them. I could ask if that’s your choice in where you worship but that wouldn’t be fair to you, as yours could be different than all of them, I don’t know. Well, that’s what you continue to do with me. Just like assuming every Catholic Church is harming children, are you saying you can judge as you know that as a fact. Fighting about religion and Churches is an oxymoron, GOD IS LOVE and one main reason all Churches will have to answer for that, it’s right there in Revelations, just for starter’s. Even I’ve had anger at the Catholic Church for all they’ve allowed to happen and then tried to cover up. But I asked Jesus to help me with that, to take it away and allow me to be forgiving as His job is to do the rest. Not my department, and certainly not yours, isn’t that a blessing. So you keep judging my Church, you judge one and were wrong about my attending it, I clarify and again, you make your assumptions but I’ll pass on joining in with you. Obviously you know better than God, so have every right answer for all human’s. Maybe you continue to be so condescending when it comes to the born again issue and is so prevalent in your mind (although necessary for sure) as it took you much longer to give your life to Him, than it did for me. But when you know your life is for nothing other than to be used for God’s purpose by age 5, it sometimes slips your mind when speaking to others that weren’t shown what they were here to do, so early on.

            Matthew 19:14

            13Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. 14But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” 15After laying His hands on them, He departed from there.

            I won’t add all I could pertaining to this, again I’m confident you know and can find it although it appears you may have forgotten this part. But as I already said, my family saw my communications with Jesus long before I can remember and thankfully encouraged that closeness rather than try to squelch it. Well I was one who’s imaginary friend was Jesus, although He wasn’t imaginary at all. Just most of the world would say that’s what it was, just one way satan tries to make us forget He is with us from the start. Yes, I was Baptized as I was instructed but even before that, I always turned to our Father in everything. Even Jesus was Baptized although not needing to if we want to be technical. Of course, I needed to be because I am sinner and don’t compare myself to Jesus at all, but I know some follow His word even before doing so. My family believed in not Baptizing until you were an adult but that still doesn’t negate that from the time I remember, He was always by my side. And although my family felt that way, I still left our Church and was Baptized while very young, I always knew my purpose so didn’t need to be an adult to make that decision. The first time I remember I was sent one of God’s messengers, I was only 5. I will agree with one thing and that’s my spiritual gifts did become much stronger after being Baptized but that doesn’t mean He was absent in my life before that. And I insist that everyone be Baptized even if they’ve experienced the same thing, as we are all sinners and it brings us closer to God.

            1 John 2:4
            3By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments. 4The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; 5but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him:…

            I owe no apologies to anyone who doesn’t understand that others may commit themselves to our Father much earlier than them. That doesn’t make our commitment less than yours. I’m sorry you didn’t have that commitment your entire life but I did. As I said before, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t go to Him for guidance and I listened, even when it meant disobeying my Father and Uncle, and being Baptized in a Church that wasn’t theirs and also being unwillingly to help them when I knew what they were preaching came from their heart’s and not God’s. Even when I was asked to do their books when older, I respectfully declined, knowing that I’d be expected to follow and protect their sins against our Father.

            Proverbs 6:16-19King James Version (KJV)
            16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:
            17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
            18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
            19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

            I understand, in these days especially, for someone to understand that there are many who have this wisdom at such young ages, but there are. That doesn’t mean we all aren’t sinners but it does mean that many try as hard as possible to have Jesus direct our every decision, because from an extremely young age, they aspire NOT to do so. While I’ve immediately corrected these people, some have said I could commit murder and I’d still be with God, that’s just how they’ve viewed my behavior and my life. Again, I correct them immediately because they’re flat our wrong, period. But I have put my life in God’s hands for as long as I can remember.

            1 John 3:9
            Whosoeuer is borne of God, doth not commit sinne: for his seede remaineth in him, and he cannot sinne, because he is borne of God.
            – King James Version
            Anyway, I think we need to stop now, this is not productive in any way. For me to continue is again, merely a temptation I wish not to fall into. I don’t think you can grasp what I’ve tried to say because we’ve had a very different experience in our growth with Jesus. So I wish you all the best but I’ll no longer be involved in what I call a ‘top this *** ****’ game. Peace be with you.
            God Bless you and yours.

          • The Fox

            I find most of you who write a lot and speak a lot usually don’t have a clue and you just proved it good bye god women with no real biblical knowledge your not worth the time of a real Bible teachers time as you are just talking into the air.

          • The Fox

            If you don’t believe in the rapture you don’t know Gods Word or Him, it is clear in many verse that at some point he will take those alive in Him to be with Him, let the Holy Spirit teach you as your human teachers don’t have a clue.

          • mustangsallyann

            I never said I don’t believe in the Rapture, in fact what I said is not everyone falls out of the sky in one swoop. Some are already being brought home. I also know no one is saved at birth but even Jesus said in many ways that children are closer to God and His children. If that’s what I thought, why would I get Baptized at all. Yep, Westboro Baptist, you push others from God, not to Him.

        • FreeMann9 Reply

          If you knew bible prophecy, and true history, with the “news” you’d see the USA all over the Bible.

          • The Fox

            So sound Bible knowledgeable and I have taught it for 27years could you give me a example other then Ezk 39:6 as the Isle that rest confidently? God Bless and Shalom:

          • FreeMann9

            Just saw your post but it is late and I have to get up at 5am to go slave.
            I will give you references if you’re seriously open to them.
            Peace and blessing to you too.

          • The Fox

            If you can supply chapter and verse then I will believe, if not it is your conjecture of what you think. I’ve taught for 27 years and taught of the Holy Spirit and not men from Gods Word, so better be good and not from some modern versions that have been changed to fit social idea’s. God Bless and Shalom:

          • mustangsallyann

            I wish I’d seen this before using the time I did to explain anything to you. I was correct, time served is an issue as I’ve been following and trying my best to be obedient to our Father for more than 50 years. You’re not only condescending but also boastful and full of pride, giving yourself much more credit than is deserving. Don’t you think you’re being a bit unfair in asking someone to provide you more than one Scripture when I’ve given you a ton but you keep going back to just one yourself. I know I told you I try to live by the Old and New Testament’s as they’re both still important although many have discarded the Old. But as I suspected, your own post gave me the truth, you use Scripture that suits your agenda and ignore the one’s that don’t. Peace be with you.

          • The Fox

            I see one thing you think for your much speaking gives you knowledge and that just isn’t so. I give God the Glory in all that I do, those whom God allowed me to lead to Him in a taxi and those around the world on 6 continents and many countries and God gets the glory always, so I don’t boast, I tell you how God has used me, if that offends you, take it up with God, have you ever met Jesus in Person? I have and He told me never to fear as He was with me, what did he look like? A regular man except that He told me thinks only God knew, He had a man waiting for him to open his door and then dissappeared into a crowd and His Holy Spirit lives in me since the day I was saved and witnessed to my new spirit that I was a child of God Romans 8:16. So rant and rave on, no one is saved at birth, no one is saved by baptism or going to church and no denomination is all knowing and many today don’t know him including many from your denomination. God Bless and Shalom:

          • mustangsallyann

            All your doing is repeating to me what I said to you first. And since no one should be Baptized unless they’re saved, I give them the benefit they’re sincere. Only God knows their heart, oh and you, I forgot. I can’t imagine a Church allowing you to teach if they only viewed a tiny bit of your posts. What a tragedy.

          • The Fox

            I will answer you on this one as you have so many I’m not going to read your drippble and comment, so write all your un -adviced stuff and I will give you a thumbs down until your Born Again and the Holy Spirit is your teacher, as anything else is a waste of my time.

    • autrypma Reply

      Well, in my book, he is a traitor. His allegiance should be to the United States, but it HAS NEVER BEEN SO. He cancels Day of Prayer, but has Muslim celebrations, prayer ?,He protects terrorists, gives money to our enemies, gives guns and ammunition…WHY IS HE NOT STOPPED. Do the legislators believe this is a pack of lies, well, it is not…He should not be in the highest office of this country because he is a traitor and
      traitors should be punished and banished from this land.

        • autrypma Reply

          Dramatic? No, but TRUE. This is worth commenting about. OB is a terrible president, not interested in anything but political career, does not recognize the Isis terrorists, but, I do not have space to name all the traitor actions he has sent down to Americans. He needs to “Be Gone”…

    • Cody Baker Reply

      Obama is also full of HATE too… Hate for the WHITE man.. hate for his white Mom who shacked with a BLACK man to have him… making him half and half… which he hates… When a grown man running for office will make fun of his own grandmother who raised him… by telling a ‘nasty’ about her being afraid to meet some black man on a dark night in an alley…. He thought that remark was horrible… but why inform the world of what she said in mockery…. He and his idiot wife both are haters of the white race.. and both are Muslims… Michelle, who chummed with Farrahkan et al…. and Obama being rasied as a muslim who are the world’s biggest. I used to laugh at Bill Clinton each sunday toting that Bible into the church… and probably sitting on the back row cause apparently, cuz he wasn’t listening to the preacher either… mainly for the women he abused…. but when ya married to a lesbian.. guess he felt justified… poor guy!!

  6. mezcukor Reply

    Why is is always saying ISIL? That is the Levant that includes Israel. Obama does the same thing.This should be also questioned.

    • Gomer Wumphf Reply

      Because he doesn’t want people to realize he and ISIS(yria) are on the same side. We’re not supposed to be able to figure that out.

    • His goal is to destroy America from within its own boarders and crush Israel Yahweh’s people.
      Islam is a religion of hate and if you ever noticed a country of Islamic leaders what you find is that all the people live by Islams way or they are put to death period. There is no living together.

  7. calvinsibert Reply

    The answer to the headline, is really quite simple, every other religion other than Christianity falls under one large umbrella, they are all rooted in satan. Christianity alone is what the unbelieving world hates. To their own peril.

    • Daniel from TN Reply

      The hate of Christianity is easy to understand from a worldly perspective. All other religions tell people what they want to hear. Christianity tells people what they NEED to hear.

    • Fully correct. I’m encouraged by your excellent articulation of the essential distinction. Only real Christianity is based on love; God’s love for us expressed through himself as the Son, then that love shed abroad in believers’ hearts.

      The antithesis of love is from satan: self-satisfaction, pride, desires of the flesh, self-justification by religious practices, aspiration to “higher consciousness” ( a form of self-salvation ), vengeance, hypocritical piety, religious zeal, religious duties, and fate. All other religions embrace one or more of these because they are of satan, who is desperate to mask the payment God personally made for our separation from him due to our falling short in our flesh.

      That’s why God the Son ( Jesus ) came in the flesh, paid with his flesh and blood, and was resurrected in the flesh to prove God the Father’s acceptance of the provision. That infuriates satan and has motivated him to influence people to hate God’s total provision of salvation, by creating religions that feed on pride in our ability to save ourselves by some “alternative” means. When that pride is wounded by the Christian pointing out this can only be done by God, the hate starts flowing. This tells you something about all people who claim to be Christian, but don’t unconditionally love their real Christian brothers and sisters – they’re not real Christians, nor do they desire to walk with Him throughout eternity, a place where there IS no time.

    • Dixie Darling Reply

      I always tell people I am a Christian without a religion now I have more reason than ever to make that statement!

  8. babsan Reply

    The Muslim FRAUD is EVIL to the core and his goons belong in the same Muslim loving group.The voters 2008-2012 destroyed America.The DEMONrats are the new COMMUNIST party

    • Daniel from TN Reply

      I agree with your statement about 2008 voters. However, I disagree with you about 2012 voters. There was so much rampant and ORGANIZED voter fraud in 2012 we will never know who TRULY won that election.

      • autrypma Reply

        So good to hear this information. I have believed that the 2008 and the 2012 election were so filled with ORGANIZED voter fraud, overseas military votes not counted (in both elections) people voting twice, same address, same name – no voter ID required…We CANNOt let this happen again.

        • There were people who admitted on national television that they voted for Obama twice or more. If we can push for voter ID laws, that kind of crap won’t happen nearly as much. But, when it comes to liberals voter fraud is much harder to pull off if you have a voter ID law(which is why they dont like it). In states that do, they have to rig the machines so they only vote democrat. Ever notice how it’s never the other way around? They’re gonna ship those 5 million illegals to every democrat haven that doesn’t have voter ID laws. This amnesty in their eyes will secure the next election, as well as keep Obamacare afloat with 5 million new members buying into the healthcare market. He then can come on TV and say “see, it’s working”. Barry is a fu**ing snake if there ever was one.

  9. Donald Evans Reply

    Because the lying, egotistical, pseudo-president, wannabe dictator, arrogant, muslim Arab hates Christians, this country and it’s people.

  10. Gomer Wumphf Reply

    Because being Muslim Obama naturally hates Christians.

  11. clifford mckercher Reply

    It’s clear that obama, supports murders, thugs, take over of Gov, Just another Muslim Jihadist, Who wants all Christians Dead!

  12. James Maxwell Reply

    He was born a muzzie, educated as a muzzie what else do you expect from him. He is a head
    slammer and will never change. He cannot accept Christians, Jew’s, Buddaest or any other
    religious group. He looks down on any and all who are not of his particular sect of
    islam either and given the chance he would willingly cut off the heads of the rest of us.
    So far he has done a pretty good job in the White House of exactly that with his corruption
    and hatred of the United States and his willing allies the Socialist Democratic party members.

  13. Warpaint Reply

    Change you can believe in, the whitehouse talking heads went from telling the truth from time to time under bush to Never telling the truth at all under the mulims administration, following MSM’s lead.

    • Daniel from TN Reply

      “Change You Can Believe In” was a half-truth. We believe it, but he never said we would like it.

    • opieonit Reply

      If Earnest would get up off his knees, wipe off his chin, and back away far enough to actually look at who he is lying for , he might then make more sense.

  14. opieonit Reply

    Simple: It’s because what occupies the White House IS Muslim fecal matter. Same reason he is pro-gay – because he IS gay! He’s just always way too chickens**t to admit who and what he is.

  15. Thomas Goss Reply


  16. Joe Kuprevich Reply


  17. Checkout the interview of Mia Maria Pope. She spent summers in Hawaii and knew Obama as a 16-17 year old.

  18. I have an ANSWER! Because HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN, NOR does he OBVIOUSLY Care about Those who ARE! HE HAS ALLOWED Christians to be ANNIHILATED! A Genocide That HAS been BEING CONDUCTED AGAINST CHRISTIANS all over this GLOBE since HIS “INCEPTION” as WOULD BE KING of the WORLD!! Everything, I MEAN…>EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE Has BEEN AGAINST US, NOT FOR US! My God, It’s as clear as CLEAR Could POSSIBLY BE!! He and PUTIN have a LOT in COMMON..

  19. Man each press secretary in this administration gets more stupid. Where do these idiots find these mentally challenged people?

    • opieonit Reply

      They are a dime-a-dozen in the ranks of the Progressive Commie haters of America.

  20. melmack 1 Reply

    There can be no doubt that he is a Muslim, follower of Islam.

  21. SnowMan Reply

    Gay’s face the same terrorrist, as do any Christain, or none believer, in the Muslim faith, Obama being gay, has no clue about what he would face as a gay, in the world of IsIs…..He is the real radical Muslims, he just happen to be President, by the hand of the black vote, of which he well throw under the bus., in time…he wants a war between the blacks and white’s in the country, he hides his agenda behide that, and has ask the help of people ,like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, to keep that war on the front burner…He has Bigger plot’s behide those closed door’s in the whitehouse..One of which is the under the table deal with Iran…
    another is his Dream Act, to give all illegals, the right to be card carring citizen, with the right to vote, clam federal taxs return, of which they never paid into, free health care, food stamp, …he the most useless man to ever set in the whitehouse…….Untill he is removed from office, there no hope for this country…

  22. Daniel from TN Reply

    obama treats Christians different because he is a Muslim. Even though obama claims to be a Christian, he has proven he is a Muslim via his actions. Matthew 7:20 states “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Fruits is works or accomplishments. Look at obama’s fruits: His works, accomplishments, comments, and attitude in general clearly show he is a Muslim.

  23. beonimagin Reply

    Obama is doing a great job of fulfilling the prophesies in the Bible of how it is going to be in the last days. True believing Christians Realizes Heartless Scum like Obama is for Christians is needed to fulfill the end of the Bible. You just need to Realize those who like to be Satan A$$holes are needed. I hope Obama will be very proud to be a Satan A$$hole with his Cap Mind.

  24. opieonit Reply

    When three people who happened to have been Muslims were killed in a parking lot spat in North Carolina, it caused Obama to make a speech nationally, but when hundreds of Coptic Christians were beheaded and burned to death (men, women and children), it caused him to play golf. One day, he’ll know the agony of those Christians who were burned to death – when he burns in Hell.

  25. jd1958 Reply

    What the WH meant to say is: That we’ve been kil1ing Christians for 2,000 years, it a fun blood sport. We’re just starting to ramp things up again. We will be coming for you soon.

  26. Cheyenne Kid Reply

    He is the worst President by a million miles. And he knew what he was doing by citing them as civilians rather than Christians laying down their very lifes for Jesus Christ. He is an evil, vile man, that is for CERTAIN!!!

  27. Richard Bagenstose Reply

    because muslims are insain, and the muslim traytor in the white house is trying to creat the califate along with isis, seems muslims are happy living in the 17th century,

  28. lrn2play Reply

    Hay Josh- What does it feel like to be nothing more then a paid for lying 2 faced mouth piece? Your parents must be very proud of you.

    • Daniel from TN Reply

      There is a legal loophole why obama can never be charged with treason. Only US citizens can be charged with treason. obama is a citizen of Indonesia.
      However, since he is not a US citizen he CAN be charged with espionage.

      • FreeMann9 Reply

        Arrest and removal is the only way….you can’t impeach what’s illegally holding the office.

  29. daveveselenak Reply

    WAKE THE FUK UP: he is a Muslim-Marxist jihadist, that is why he treats Christians the way that he does and that is why he treats his Muslim brethrens the way that he does! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  30. old_salty_dawg99 Reply

    Because there are not enough Christians in the Middle East and Northern Africa to get him into the UN Sec. Gen. Position after he leaves office then there is also the FACT that they would not buy his LIES if there were enough. Also they(Christians) do not buy Obammy being a god while muslims could easily change their beliefs to accommodate Obammy’s supposed godhood. See Christians believe in the only TRUE and LIVING GOD the GREAT I AM. He does not allow for the other gods as muslims would and so True Christians won’t support Obammy in any way for any thing.

  31. American Reply

    I really hate listening to Josh Earnest; he’s such a weasel. The simple fact is that Obama is interested in, and favors, Muslims, but has no interest in Christians and will not support them. How many of the last several waves of immigrants from the Middle East have been displaced Muslims, as opposed to persecuted Christians? Pretty telling favoritism. By the way, I’ve written to my Congressmen to stop Muslim immigration, on the grounds that it is impossible to determine which will be safe to Americans and which will be dangerous. Until a way can be developed to protect Americans from importing Islamic terrorists or those who will experience “sudden jihad syndrome”, Muslim immigration should cease. If you agree, please write your Congressmen.

  32. Christopher Tabin Reply

    At least the Christian people stood up for their values, while the muslims do nothing but butcher millions of people along their borders. why should they be treated any differently? here’s the answer to that problem. Obama is nothing but a simple patsy for them.

  33. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Is trying to blow smoke up someone’s a–!!! The White House are all Liars!

  34. You all let the evil clown smack you in the face with your own hand!

  35. Billy Miller Reply

    Is it money? or promises of high office? or hypnotism ? or fear? or taking the mark? that makes Earnest and ALL of the other women and men that have direct in contact with the bummer say and do the things they say and do? Good Lord they have to know better in their hearts. My thoughts are in line with the bummer working very hard to create an environment in the USA where he can use martial law and try to stay in place longer. I mean look at what he has tried and failed at so far.. to get us all to physically fight and attack each other! and how many democrats or liberals are looking to run for the oval office? Do they kinda know something? Have they been promised ‘higher offices in the kingdom?’ I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut but too may things seem to line up that way.. and now muslim versus Christians .. and ALL infidels at that. AND the mass majority of congress et al are not doing anything to change the person sitting in the white house who continues to break and bend the laws of the USA and our once sacred Constitution and Bill of rights. soap box over.. Billy

  36. Wayne Thorson Reply

    Don’t you far right Republicans know that those Mexican aliens are all Cathelic. This makes them Christians. You keep saying Obama is bringing muslims to America and make it sound like that is his goal to bring muslims to America. Don’t you have any common sense? Accuse him of bringing Christians also if you are going to accuse him of something.

  37. phylmike34 Reply

    the question is,why is obama still president when he is clearly a anti american traitor?

  38. Greyguy Reply

    A better question might be, “Why are all the media outlets ignoring the systematic killing of all Christians in the Middle East to the tune of over 500,000 in the Iraq area alone by ISIS and other sects?” This has been going on for quite a while and we get upset by a few beheadings when Christians woman are sorted by eye color as sex slaves, medical treatment is withheld….you name the attrocity! Not even FOX is on this…Hmmmmm. I have this odd feeling that Hitler learned a lot from his talks with the Mufti about what to include in his Nazi policies and how to treat the religions he did not like.

    Our Democratic party extolls is support for women’s rights and does not even mention this or the way women and children are owned by these animals, try that at home Barrack!

  39. BarackForceTrauma Reply

    When America was a “Christian Nation” this type of discrimination and hypocrisy would never have been tolerated from a President. But then again, no other President before would have dared show such hatred and blatant contempt for Christians as this Usurper/Muslim currently occupying the White House throne.

    • FreeMann9 Reply

      His hate for them is a reflection of the people….mostly the ultra rich, politicians, and academics.

  40. USAnowMSAsadly Reply

    ObuckWheat is a Muslim Marxist. It explains everything. A beheading of him is the only answer.

    • FreeMann9 Reply

      Buckwheat woodn’t like dat….he’d be sickin’ Petey on you for the comparison

  41. Robert Piper Reply

    I would find it impossible to do Earnest’s job. I guess it takes a certain type if character to lie that much. Of course when you work for an habitual liar it may become easier.

  42. needfulthings Reply

    “Why Is Obama Treating Christians Differently than Muslims? White House Press Secretary Has A Good Answer ” …. It ain’t happening, That’s just ‘BULL” capital “S” with a “HIT” on thee end. Just another Clown Car drive by, by the right.

  43. hotstiks Reply

    Obama is a Jewish pawn. The State Department is mostly Jewish. The “Federal” Reserve is run by Jews. The Treasury is run by Jews. Wall Street, that provided Obama’s campaign funds, is last I heard mostly Jewish. Obama’s first term handler was Rahm Emmanuel, son of an Irgun terrorist in Palestine. The Democratic party is filled with Jews out of proportion to their numbers. Last I heard, Vicky Nuland who installed a Jewish government in Kiev is not a Muslim. Her husband is Robert Kagan, a writer for the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) that called for a “New Pearl Harbor”. Looks like they got it on 9-11, except it was a new Jewish century they ushered in. The old Jewish lady in the commercial said “show me the beef”. I say show me the Muslims in Jewish-run DC, and the Jewish-run Obama administration.

  44. I will say this! They want to get your goat !
    DO YOU know what that means.
    They want YOU to get angry and rise up !
    WHY do they want YOU to get angry and rise up ? Then, maybe they can slaughter YOU & Me !
    Nancy P said it best, the American’s are weak, they will not fight like the Arabs fight back!
    She said, she wanted the tea party gone so the republicans and democrats can get back to business as usual. HUH?
    She wondered, what’s it going to take to rile the people up?
    WHY does she and the rest of the FEMA camp builders want to have the USA people
    rise up? Maybe, then they can have an excuse to institute marshal law
    and bag & tag the people. Even Iran can see the obvious intimidation and has
    resisted the bait! The Ukraine people fell for it! They rose up and now look what happened to them!
    The powers that are having those Christians killed in the middle east are the same folks ruling the USA and our banks & corporations & Hollywood & the rest of the satanic goings-on in the world.
    They call them the Illuminati & Zionist & Freemason, & even the Vatican is involved.
    They have displayed insane beheadings and murders in OUR media to try and get
    a sleepy and apathy oriented population to rise up with anger & cause a revolution BUT
    to no avail. It’s frustrating to them that the USA people will not fight back !
    WHY? Because they have plans to kill off many of us and enslave the rest when we do resist.
    —————————————- Mean while they get more aggressive and obvious about their desires.
    It’s very plain! They will continue to do atrocious and psychopathic acts to the worlds people and advertise it to the people’s of the USA and world, to try and get them to rise up in anger! Then, the game will be over, planes flying over the cities and population’s can fumigate the people with GOD KNOWS WHAT and watch the people drop like bugs from California to Virginia, from Nebraska to Texas.
    Drones and Satellite’s can track the survivors and kill them.
    Ohhhhh, what a game they play! The new world order chess game of world domination is in play
    So IT SEEMS! May God help us all, In Jesus Name I pray! YOU, are you praying ? Ya better!
    BUT, do the people notice or pay attention. NO! WHY?
    rick miracle, the truth seeker

  45. bookworm Reply

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Therefore, he is opposed to all the People of the Book — Jews and Christians. He’s willing to allow Christians to be slaughtered by Muslims and eagerly anxious to make a deal with Iran so that they have nuclear weapons to “rid the world of Jews.”

  46. They’re probably grooming another press secretary so there is one in the wings when they burn Josh out.

  47. Harold Sammons Reply

    Have to present a thoughtful and courteous image of muslims, need not worry for the non Islamic crowd, they can fend for themselves!

  48. Concerned Citizen Reply

    Obama is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing [a Muslim who used fake Christianity to get elected].

  49. ppeony Reply

    Read jarretts remark from u of cal guys. Answers all ??? She, Kerry, Obama and hillys gal are all Muslim. Period.

  50. kranvornip Reply

    The reality of all this is that there is no answer other than the obvious- and that he is, as I always knew, a closet Muslim, and a communist- There is no good reason why this A-Hole was even placed in the White house TWICE. You all knew what he was then, and did not nearly enough to make sure it did not happen again. He was a dismal failure as a Senator, never even held a job, nor has anything at all to do with running a business, nor has he had any decided accomplishments…..and yet the public let him attain the highest position in the Nation…..while allowing him to “seal” all his records, and without demanding to see his birth certificate or show a visible means of support. Have you ever read “The Manchurian Candidate”? Shame on all of YOU, for letting him fool you TWICE! Have you learned anything at all? Or are you going to let the next slick lawyer bullshit artist slide into an 8 year gig of destroying all that our nation stands for?

  51. J.B. Young Reply

    That is an easy question to answer. BECAUSE HE IS A MUSLIM,

  52. Dr.Chuck Missler a Christian,showed a UTube video and in it the muslims of Saudi were all exited because they would have an ally in the WH.This was done in ’07 and they knew then he would be in the WH.I always have thought it strange that he said 5 days until we fundamentally change America.That was never mentioned when he campaigned,but at the 5 days before time and he said it with certainty.

  53. blusportie Reply

    Thus far, each of this adminstration’s press secretaries have been just as cowardly as the boss – no small accomplishment.

  54. daniel lee morgan Reply

    The really sad thing. is, the people who work in the White House,for this regime, totally agree with him. They remind me of the nazis’ who blindly followed hitler . The end of of their reign can’t come soon enough for me!

  55. .madashell Reply

    That’s about the dumbest question I have ever heard.
    Even his followers know the answer to that one and they approve. They feel that Christianity has denied them the decadent lifestyle that they have longed for. The future is of no consequence to these people. They only live for today and if that leads to their death in the future then so be it. It’s worth it. Their motto is “Hooray for me and f–k you”, or possibly’ ” Give me my Obamaphone or give me death”

  56. USCBIKER Reply

    Joke Honest, Obama’s mouthpiece will never tell the truth and exposed his disgusting, corrupt boss.

  57. [email protected] Reply

    Same reason he has Double Standard for “Clean Bills,” for Dumbocrats, vs Republicans.

  58. Carolann313 Reply

    I can answer that … because he loathes Christians, Jews, Americans, the Military and the USA! He will pay for his hatred and he will pay for what he is trying to do to our beautiful country. What goes around, comes around Mr. B. Hussein Obama … do you believe in Karma?

  59. The Fox Reply

    Obozo’s is a terrorist, was born one and to be one, he worships the god of the Quran that says to kill Jews and Christians where ever and when ever you can. It’s not a distortion of their faith as their faith says to do so and those who believe allah is god and inspired the Quran they are by belief either terrorist or future terrorist in waiting.

  60. A_Nobody Reply

    Duh….because he’s Muslim who like most Muslims hates Christians.

  61. disqus_dBIe0mKo35 Reply

    Obama is nothing but a pretender he pretends he was born here he pretends he is a christian and yet shows he is fully a muslim. But as long as Congress and the senate also pretend he is nothing will ever be done about it.

  62. ReaperHD Reply

    This Anti-American Commie Muslim Terrorist in the White House is nothing more than a puppet to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST starting with Valerie Jarrett who is IRANIAN and then to the Cabinet dominated with MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST under the guise of CAIR.

  63. Jack Strohbach Reply

    Folks, why is anyone still expecting any truth to come out of the community organizers White House? 1/21/17 can’t come soon enough!

  64. any spokeperson for this communist, muslim, liar, traitor obama is just saying what obama tells him to. both are creeps. especially obama. look who his pastor used to be??!!! Does anyone remember that Easter Sunday that obama sat and listened to filth, trash and lies. impeach obama now.

  65. Alleged Comment Reply

    In article that calls him “President” is not worthy of my time. I mean what could they know, huh?

  66. robert Reply

    because ovomit/satan the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the wh.doesn,t want to offend his muslum brotherhood terrorists.and even moocchhiee said she didn,t like america until her muslum become president illegally.and when she said all this for all flag.or maybe she was saying all this for a fag

  67. FreeMann9 Reply

    Because these people PROMOTE radical islam, they use the term ISIL (Islamic State in Levant) instead of ISIS (islamic State in Syria). It’s an open signal.
    Levant is a term indicating nearly the whole region of the middle east.
    Syria is just one country with a moderate president who actually works to protect his country’s Christians, while this radical islamic Washington D.C. based administration is air-dropping shipments of arms to support the radicals.
    ISIL usage is prevalent with the militants radicals there. Administration usage sends a clear signal to those militants in order to indicate support and material help for the spread of the islamic state in the entire region, and indeed the world.

    Our world.
    We are not going to war.
    It has already come to us.

  68. Because obama is our enemy. He is on the side of the radical Muslims who want to get rid of Israel and bring back the caliphate in the Middle East.

  69. thumper79 Reply

    because the people elected him to act this way. obama did not hide any of his views on anything when he ran for president. people were so glad to elect a black president they did not vet him. let us see if the people make another ignorant choice in 2016 by electing HILLARY!

  70. Sharon Jeanguenat Reply

    Because Obama is a MUSLIM! When will people wake up & see that??

  71. Julie Smalley Reply

    This administration treats differently if they fit his agenda , he treats them as victims if they happen to be muslim. If they are Christians or convert it means nothing to him we are his enemy.

  72. Bigmanuger Reply

    It’s obvious that Ovomit and his crew are working with the Islamic extreamists to undermine this country and its foundation. This Friggin POTUS is a fakir. The damage this sob is doing is beyond belief. We will rue the day this asshole was voted in by the Usefull idiots.

  73. ADRoberts Reply

    Josh is worthless. He will be remembered as a puppet of the dictator who became a buffoon and then was removed violently by his master.

  74. michael mcswain Reply

    I’ll tell you why , he’s not a Chrristian himself . He’s a Muslim . That’s why he won’t say they are terrorists
    because they are his freakin cousins .

  75. Victor P. Bundy Reply

    It’s a pretty simple answer, obama is a muslim and his religion is Islamic. A clear no-brainner.

  76. jollypolly Reply

    Why is it Americans can not see the evil and danger in BO, and in all who work for him, and kiss high feet? I guess there are none so blind than those who will not see!!!!!’mm

  77. Hildy_K Reply

    How is it that we even have this person in the White House in the first place? Tool. Placed. Nwo beings. Kissinger, ghwbush, gates, soros, the pope, How long will people endure lies? Obama is a lie from beginning to end.

  78. Excuse my rather long message, but I feel this is how a lot of people feel.

    We live in a time of voice. Everyone is in a search to be
    heard and in that time, true voices were closed. I won’t get into a debate
    about civil rights, or freedom of religion, but almost every other section has
    rights, except if your a Christian. Now, with this, we can go to church and
    what not, but in public places there are laws against us, we have to share the
    faith table with other religions, when they have their own. We have to conform
    to political areas to be heard, when no one else does. I want to compare the
    average Christian to the average Islamic. Has a Islamic been beheaded or killed
    recently, yes, many. Were their faith known and accepted as why they were being
    targeted? Yes. Did the world look at it as a hate crime? Yes.

    Lets turn this around. When some Christian’s were killed, lets take Egyptians for example, did the world see their faith for the reason they were killed? Some did, some didn’t. Have Christian’s
    been targeted, yes in heavy numbers all over the world, especially in Africa. Was it a hate crime? In most sectors no. Why is their a difference?

    My question is, we live in a nation where the President can’t call a Islamic terrorist, a Islamic terrorist.
    Look at this from their bible.

    Pickthall: [8.57] If thou come on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike
    fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember. [8.57]
    Khalifa: When you are betrayed by a group of people, you shall mobilize against
    them in the same manner. GOD does not love the betrayers. [8.59] Shakir:
    …let not those who disbelieve think that they shall come in first; surely
    they will not escape. [8.60] And prepare against them what force you can and
    horses tied at the frontier, to frighten thereby the enemy of Allah and
    your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know (but) Allah
    knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in Allah’s way [for Jihad]…

    This whole verse says to strike fear in a enemy, Christians anyone else, to do what ever you must for Allah.Yet, we cant get enough guts to say, this war is, and always has been a part of
    the Islamic culture. Then even worse the President tried to say the crusades,
    and this were the same? Lets not forget the ottoman empire, which was Islamic,
    took it first, and the crusades were a attempt to re take it for the roman
    catholic world. Its even more interesting that, anyone who has read some
    of the Bible, a well known verse is Romans 12:19, where God states that vengeance
    is his, in the Quran it says vengeance is that of the people in the name of Allah. A very big difference.

    My question is, when private business can get over thrown by one gay couple, where Islamic terrorists can take over a whole region, when states can make a approval to give their people, some already addicts, full access to dangerous drugs; you mean to tell me we as Christians can’t get anything? That we are just a old colony in the hills that no one visits. For the record with out Christianity, very likely the Islamic world would be much larger and these ideas and principles would be posted everywhere, and now we are dismissed as just a faith target of the IRS. Its not fine, or okay, and we should not settle for it. We live in a nation of freedom, then we want that freedom now. Also, to get that freedom, I don’t want to send my teaching into the mayor, have to endorse gay marriage, or allow the lgbt to run everything I
    do. They have rights, so it’s about time we took ours back.

  79. mdrod1 Reply

    I just love watching JACKASS Josh Earnest always try to explain away Obola’s BS! Earnest squirms and stutters his words while trying to make up excuses. Stupid lackey! He has become the 2nd face of mindless idiocy following fraud Obola! Simple question! We know you can’t tell the truth because if you did, you would start to expose what Obola really is. Earnest has become so predictable with his Obola whitewash, I can’t see how these reporters don’t just burst out laughing at him every time he opens his lying sewer! Keep on talkin’ jackass Josh!

  80. Bungal Reply

    Obama has told Americans in front of the cameras that his preferred faith is Islam! So there goes any argument he is or ever was a Christian, just an habitual liar! We all note his support for Iran which has supported radical Islam forever! Now we see the Bible unfolding before our eyes. John told us that 2/3rds of the world shall be destroyed and of those that remain, 1/3rd shall die! All because some are racist and voted for race instead of substance or honor!

  81. Cody Baker Reply

    That’s easy to answer — cuz Obama is a Muslim himself and all Muslims must stick together. Besides if it was the WHITES wanting to know, it’s to hack the whites of this country — much like Michelle and others are going to Japan on SPRING BREAK… like its HER spring break… costing MILLIONS… why didn’t she visit Japan while she was spending millions visiting China? She delights in sticking it to WHITIES….

    • R. Eilers Reply

      Maybe for the same reason…. Laura Bush was also a frequent flier who often brought her daughters along for the ride.

      Her first foreign foray was a ten-day trip to Paris, Budapest and Prague in 2002 with daughter Jenna, who was then 20.

      The White House made sure Laura Bush had at least one “official” event in each city, but she and Jenna spent the bulk of their time at each locale shopping and taking in the sights.

      During her husband’s second term, Laura Bush also made five goodwill trips to Africa to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and malaria. But on an African trip in 2007, Laura Bush took Jenna and her other daughter, Barbara, on a safari

    • R. Eilers Reply

      Laura Bush also made an official trip to Burma in support of the pro-Democracy movement and another to the Middle East to promote breast cancer awareness.

      The former First Lady’s last official foreign trip was to Panama. She brought daughter Barbara with her.

    • R. Eilers Reply

      The reality is that presidential trips are expensive. It would be fair to be opposed to all of them, but the hypocrisy of only being outraged when certain presidents travel is unacceptable. George W. Bush appears to have had himself quite a little African spending spree, but apparently cost only matters when Barack Obama is the president who is doing the traveling.

      • Cody Baker Reply

        uummm… Obama has done nothing but campaign for the past 6 plus years. He and his idiot wife have gone on more vacations than one can imagine.. and even traveling in two different planes… Just like Obama went to Calif to appear on that Show.. forgot what… Michelle was to appear on the lesbian’s show.. forgot her name.. but since Obama wanted to stop at a medical place on the way back.. she took her OWN plane… thus costing the taxpayers millions and millions…. they are the two biggest spends of taxpayers this country has ever seen.. and they’re not stopping yet.. they have almost two more years in office…if YOU want to pay their expenses… I certainly do not. There are poor people all over this country yet they are out blowing every stinking bit of it on them selves like their are KING & Queen of the Universe.. when they put their pants on in the mornings the same as I do…. one leg at a time !!!!!

        • R. Eilers Reply

          You really should learn something before you open your mouth making a fool of yourself

        • R. Eilers Reply

          As dumb and misinformed as you are I imagine all of them lol

          • Cody Baker

            uummm — skipped second grade she was so smart…??????? Man alive… I skipped second third grade to the fifth…. sure as heck didn’t make me smart… or even half way smart… Most of my schooling was ‘hard knocks’ if that counts —– so don’t go giving Michelle O the BIG A+ like she’s some genius made in Heaven… my friend.. Schooling gives one an education aka ‘book sense’… it doesn’t necessarily give them the SMARTS for life! But it did give her the ‘smarts’ in one thing… though…. HOW TO SPEND THE TAXPAYERS MONEY and how to HATE WHITES — oops.. she hated the whites BEFORE she went to College… remember her talking about that..

          • Cody Baker

            uummm…. did you hear me say I was a ‘connoisseur’ in all phases of life? If so… I beg to differ with you. But one thing for sure.. I know GREED when I see it. I know ABUSE of a system when I see it… I can see when people of power who wants to give away the store cause it’s not coming out of his pocket… but YOUR’s & MINE… if you want to give those two beak-heads in the White House YOUR money fine… but I want to hold on to mine. Greed of the almighty dollar will eventually getcha in the end. Some people BOW before KINGS… while Other’s BOW before the Lord — I’ve seen Obama BOW before a KING …. I choose the latter!!

      • Cody Baker Reply

        Wanna compare the $$ trips $$ the Obama’s have taken to the ones the Bush’s have taken? I’m a gambler at heart….. wanna bet I win?? Why hit me with that ‘not so naughty’ word as ‘unacceptable’ just say what it is …..CRAP — I can take it..!!!!

  82. R. Eilers Reply

    Freedom of religion. Powerful words in the CONSTITUTION yet right wing christians believe it should read Freedom of religion for christians ONLY

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