GOP refuses to back Trump’s wiretap claim

Several Republican senators said the president again stepped on his messaging with an unfounded accusation.

President Donald Trump will have to look somewhere besides Republican-controlled Capitol Hill for backup to his explosive and unsubstantiated charge that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the election.

Trump was reportedly incensed Sunday that Republicans didn’t defend his allegations on the Sunday shows — in fact, several pointedly refused to lend Trump a lifeline when pressed. And more than 48 hours after the initial allegation, Republicans in Congress remained mostly mum as the controversy flared and threatened to create a lingering distraction for them as they try to pass major legislation in the coming weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan offered no comment on the matter. And some of the chief critics of the Obama administration on Capitol Hill said they were aware of no evidence to support Trump’s claim.

“Boy. I have no idea,” said Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, appearing puzzled. “I mean, I don’t know what’s behind it. I’m hoping in the next few days we’ll find out,” said Thune, the chamber’s third-ranking Republican.

It was perhaps the most vivid example of Trump’s “tweet first, ask questions later” policy damaging the fortunes of the congressional GOP. Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) said the lesson for the president should be that some notions are best left unsaid.

“There’s something called the unexpressed thought, which would probably aid the president well,” Roskam said.


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5 Responses to “GOP refuses to back Trump’s wiretap claim”

  1. We all know Obama been wire tapping for years ,even on the other people in government offices. And they just want to make the People believe this is a LIE. No, this is no lie, because
    so many people have been complaining about Obama wire tapping for years. Plus the wire tapping was even going on sine Watergate

    • no one is coming to our PRESIDENT’S aid because they are ALL spineless and are in fear of repercussion from the SHADOW GOVERNMENT of BO, who simply cannot stand to be out of the spotlight.

      GIVE OUR PRESIDENT A CHANCE! the liberals are setting their hair on fire BECAUSE our President is making progress for ‘we the people’.

      WHO DOESN’T KNOW that BO is capable of wiretapping when he LIED non-stop to ‘we the people’. Prod the future by the past, folks. That man cannot be trusted. He wants to give our country away!

  2. James in Texas Reply

    Now I remember why I quit the Republican Party after being a member for more than 40 years! The so-called GOP has become the Democrat-Lite Party and has nothing worthwhile to offer to the people except…………..”What’s in it for Me”! I am so happy to be just an old-fashion Conservative and I am stone-hard for Term Limits. When we accomplish that I will stand proudly and wave “good-bye” to the most useful bunch of scoundrels to have ever “lied daily” to enrich themselves!

  3. James Maxwell Reply

    We have see evidence of wire taping by the O’muzze organization over the past 8
    years and even of the press. They made no bones about it and tried to sway
    who reported close to the truth on issues, not to mention foreign leaders
    who they disagreed with.
    Now they expect us not be believe they spied on President Trump prior to the
    election and were guilty of “leaking” classified material. How dumb do they
    think the American Public is? The GOP above all others should be well
    award of this problem and the records are there to prove the President claim if
    they open they eyes. Our problem is we still have many in the GOP who are
    RINO’s and have lied to their voters for years. They only claim to be GOP to get
    elected then suck up to the liberal left to enrich themselves. We need to drain
    the swamp of those members who refuse to follow the will of the people who
    elected them and replace them at the earliest possible moment.

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