If You Liked Trump’s Tax Plan, You WON’T LIKE What He Just Said About It!!

The Donald has been making some pretty big promises to the American people, but as many pundits predicted, now that he seems to have shored up the nomination, he’s pivoting to the center and the left to win the general election.

One of the first casualties is his tax plan – here’s what he said about it Sunday morning:

He said that although it has a massive tax cut, he’s just not going to be able to push it through Congress, so it’ll be negotiated down. Which means the wealthy will pay more.

But that’s not all!! He continued here:

He says it’s going to be renegotiated, and the promise he made about a job-creating tax cut for the wealthy is probably gonna swing the other way.

Now maybe you don’t care about his tax plan. But it makes you wonder – just what else is “negotiable” and what else is he willing to compromise on? I think some of his fans might be very disappointed when they find out…

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One Response to “If You Liked Trump’s Tax Plan, You WON’T LIKE What He Just Said About It!!”

  1. Gary McKinley Reply

    I think that a person say many different thing to get elected but he will work out with people that know how to what is right for the country he will appoint people that there job in running America it will take time for learn about the way government run.

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