Measles Outbreak in Minnesota’s Somali Community

A recent outbreak of measles is the latest public health problem among Somalis who live in metropolitan Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota, home to the largest Somali community in the country.

Measles now joins active tuberculosis as a public health problem within Minnesota’s Somali community.

“During the five years between 2010 and 2014, 732 cases of active TB were diagnosed in Minnesota. Of these, 81 percent, or 593, were foreign-born. Of foreign-born cases, 50 percent, or 296, were refugees, according to “The Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Minnesota, 2010-2014,” a report published by the Minnesota Department of Health,” Breitbart News noted in October.

“Twenty-nine percent of the 593 foreign-born cases of active TB diagnosed in Minnesota [between 2012 and 2015], or 161, were attributed to Somali born migrants. Almost all Somali migrants to the United States have arrived under the federal refugee resettlement program,” Breitbart News reported at the time.

“The Hennepin County measles outbreak grew to 20 cases Monday, after eight new infections were confirmed. State health officials said all the cases have occurred within the Somali-American community, and they urged parents to get the measles vaccine for themselves and their children if they are unvaccinated,” the Star Tribune reported last week:

The outbreak is expected to produce many more cases and could exceed the 2011 outbreak of 26 cases, according to Kris Ehresmann, infectious disease director at the Minnesota Health Department.

So far, all of those who have caught the measles in this outbreak are 5 years old or younger. Exposure has occurred at several day care centers.

Since the first case was detected two weeks ago, health investigators have been trying to identify anyone unvaccinated exposed to the virus, which is highly contagious. It can take up to three weeks for measles symptoms to develop.


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3 Responses to “Measles Outbreak in Minnesota’s Somali Community”

  1. James Maxwell Reply

    You bring in foreign citizens to the United State that have not had immunizations
    to disease that all Americans are required to have in order to attend school.
    There is not requirement for these immigrant to have their immunizations
    to the diseases that we have pretty much eliminate in out Nation. We are also
    seeing outbreaks of diseases that were unknown in this part of the world until
    recently and now they are spreading to Americans. This is the results of an
    uncontrolled invasion from around the world and lack of Immigration polices
    being enforced regardless of the excuses given by various groups. We must
    stop this before it decimates our Citizens. Enforce the immigration requirements,
    require that all immigrants have current health certification and all shots prior to
    entry into the United States and that Includes x-rays to insure they have not
    TB or other communicable diseases.

  2. Are we surprised? There was a reason why any immigrants that wanted to enter this Country had to have extensive health exams. This was it.

  3. Original Anna Reply

    What do they mean they urged parents to get vaccinated for themselves and their children. Since when are people carrying a communicable disease that people die from urged. Isn’t it the law. Arrest them and deport them if they don’t get vaccinated. How are their kids getting into our schools among disease free citizens born here. Why isn’t the United Nations seeing to it these people are vaccinated before they are sent here from the U.N. camps. This is a disease that killed people for centuries. Those who survived were pocked and scorned by the community for life. Why do people think a vaccine had to be invented, for fun. This country will end up a third world country loaded with diseases if our gov’t politicians and our health depts. don’t start putting our citizens ahead of the citizens of other countries. Of course once we are a third world country, nobody will want to come here and that will solve the immigration problem but not the disease problems.

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