PROOF Russia colluded with LIBERALS

In the investigation that never ends, liberals have been trying for over a year now to tie Donald Trump to Russia. Following Trump’s election victory, cries about Russian “collusion” intensified as liberals looked for excuses to explain their stunning defeat. Despite the ...

Scarborough leaving GOP

Joe Scarborough’s guest appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday night gave the CBS late-night program its best ratings in more than two months, according to Nielsen Research.

ICE Agents Targeting Criminal Aliens

President Donald Trump has vowed repeatedly during the first few months of his administration that he would prioritize deporting criminal illegal aliens, and decide what to do with the non-criminal illegals at a later date.

Trump Jr and Kushner Met with Kremlin-Linked Lawyer

Members of President Trump’s family reportedly met with a lawyer linked with the Kremlin in June of last year — although the Trump team believes the meeting may have been sought as part of an effort to create the impression of an ...

WWE: Trump CNN Tweet ‘Pretty Cool’

The WWE commentator whose distinctive voice can be heard in the CNN-WWE video that President Donald Trump tweeted said it was “pretty cool” to be included in the tweet that went around the world.