DHS Secretary: Illegals ‘Victimized’ by Employers

WASHINGTON, DC — Illegal migrants are “victimized” by American agricultural and restaurant employers who hire and pay them “slave wages under the table,” declared U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly on Thursday.

Apple to invest $1B for U.S. Jobs

May 4 (UPI) — Apple CEO Tim Cook said the tech giant is investing $1 billion in an “advanced manufacturing fund” to help create jobs in the United States.

North Korean Missle Is Officially Ready to Use

A missile defense system that the United States has begun installing in South Korea has “reached an initial operating capability to defend against North Korean missiles,” according to news reports.

House Panel Expert: U.S. ‘Losing in Afghanistan’

WASHINGTON D.C. — Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan is growing stronger with the resurgence of the Taliban in recent years and “remains a direct threat” to America more than a decade and a half after the United States began targeting both terrorist groups in ...