Trump: There’s ‘no method’ to my tweeting

President Donald Trump said Monday that there is “no method” to the way in which he uses Twitter, his preferred social media platform with which he often seeks to end-around the media by communicating directly to his millions of followers.

Trump tells conservatives he is the future

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — President Trump received a hero’s welcome on Friday during his first appearance as president at the country’s largest gathering of conservative activists, declaring his movement is “the future of the Republican Party.”

Israeli Fighter Jet Downs Hamas Drone

Ynetnews reports: An Israeli Air Force fighter jet shot down an unmanned aircraft of Hamas which was making its way from the Gaza Strip to the Mediterranean on Thursday afternoon.

Ga. Election System Was Cyber-Attacked… By Obama

Remember all the “rigged election” squabble? There was talk of hacking, voter fraud, you name it. Some of which turned out to be true, it just fell on the side visually represented by an ass. See also Uh Oh: Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount ...

The Painful Changes to Social Security that Trump May Make

Trump cabinet pick planning radical steps to fix Social Security… Future benefits possibly at risk… Here’s what every American should know…

Peter Reagan, February 25, 2017

You probably already know it: Social Security is ...