Asylum Seeker Stabs Five-Year-Old

A five-year-old child was stabbed to death over the weekend at an asylum home in Bavaria by a 41-year-old who was later shot by police.

Shatner Refuses to Badmouth Trump

Though it seems at times that all of Hollywood has aligned themselves in vocal opposition to President Donald Trump, there are a few notable exceptions who have refrained from issuing venom-laced criticisms of the billionaire businessman-turned-politician.

Kathy Griffin FIRED by CNN

Comedian Kathy Griffin has officially reaped what she sowed after getting canned by CNN for posting a disturbing photo of President Trump decapitated, yet despite backlash, everyone’s favorite Sen. Al Franken isn’t phased a bit.

The Picture Kathy Griffin Doesn’t Want You To See

The media and internet firestorm surrounding Kathy Griffin for her “Trump decapitation” picture has been furious, and rightfully so. For her part, Griffin –a Hollywood C-lister at best– took to Instragram to issue an apology and plea for forgiveness.