Trump Promises Israel That Iran Will Never Get a Nuke

President Donald Trump kept his promise of being Israel’s strongest ally when he promised to work with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to unravel the Iran nuclear deal.

According to Breitbart, President Trump made the announcement this week during a joint news conference at the White House with Netanyahu.

Trump said he would personally make sure that Iran will never get its hands on a nuclear weapon.

“With this visit, the United States, again, reaffirms our unbreakable bond with our cherished ally, Israel,” Trump told Netanyahu in front of the world’s media.

“The security challenges faced by Israel are enormous, including the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which I’ve talked a lot about.

“One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen is the Iran deal. My administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing — I mean ever — a nuclear weapon,” Trump said.


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One Response to “Trump Promises Israel That Iran Will Never Get a Nuke”

  1. CaptTurbo Reply

    It’s wonderful to have a real American in the White House again. I just hope it’s not too late.

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