Trump Says He’s Being Audited By Obama For A REALLY WEIRD Reason!!

Never put it beyond Donald Trump to come up with ever more outrageous and odd statements about politics.

In this interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN after the last GOP debate, he makes a really weird suggestion as to why the Obama administration is auditing his taxes.

Watch below:

Ironically, many of his followers were blaming his insincere attempts at appearing faithful for the reason he lost the primary in Iowa to Ted Cruz.

Now he wants us to believe he’s being persecuted as a Christian even though he can’t name one verse in the Bible and openly denies many theological principles that Christians believe

This makes his claim even more ridiculous but that’s just what we’ve come to expect from the Donald!!

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14 Responses to “Trump Says He’s Being Audited By Obama For A REALLY WEIRD Reason!!”

  1. So in order to be a really strong Christian in your mind is for him to memorize chapter and verse of every scripture in the Bible???? And to go around everywhere announcing Oh look at me! I’m a Christian, I’m a Christian!!! Frankly, that is the kind of so called Christians that I stay away from. I love the Lord with all my heart and many of the scriptures that I have hidden in my heart, most of them I could not tell exact chapter or verse, but can quote them as the Lord hid them in my heart. The Lord is not going to judge Donald Trump because he doesn’t know the number or chapter of a verse of Scripture. The Lord judges in thought, word and deed and Donald Trump has many, many, many, good thoughts, words and deeds. More than any running in this race. How many times has Cruz, Rubio, Kasaich, Hitlery or Bern given millions to wounded warriors or off medical bills for children or paid off mortgages for families or sent flowers to a normal citizen? How many times and paid for it from their OWN bank account and pocket AND never announced it or mentioned it as the Lord said what you do in secret, I will reward you openly. In my estimation from this article, you wouldn’t know a true Christian if you saw one. BEWARE of entertaining strangers as you might be entertaining Angels unaware!!!

    • Rattlerjake Reply

      You better go back and read your Bible again because God will not reward you for your good deeds.

      Ephesians Chapter 2 – 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

      ” Take care you do not do your good deeds like the hypocrites to gain the admiration of men. I tell you they (the hypocrites) have had their reward!” However, a good deed usually has a reward in itself, you see somebody being grateful for your helping them and you feel good about it.


    EVERYTHING ovomit DOES IS ‘REALLY WEIRD!!’ NO doubt about it!!

  3. Dan Menard Reply

    It seem more then obvious that this news commentator has a bias and an axe to grind. He asked a question and got an answer from Mr. Trump that he was not wiling to accept even though the answer to most folks would have been sufficient. This is not professional journalism but is just underhanded Democratically driven hack job. This whole thing gives credibility to Mr, Trumps comments.

    • right harold,let those with out sin cast the first stone.i don,t see any politicans casting any stones ? anyone see any other politicans throwing they all got the talking part well covered,well lets see any of them walk the walk and cast a stone.yeah thats what we thought.check out hillarys past history don,t listen to us or anyone.but research hillarys past.from the watergate scandal which hillary worked on in 1974.but go ahead and research it for yourselfs.and same with bernie sanders the your own medias and research and learn for yourselfs

  4. Tom Harlander Reply

    He’s a “strong Christian” who doesn’t need to repent of sin. Yeah, that sounds like it alright.

  5. If Trump is being unfairly audited it is not because of hie Christian beliefs. It is because he is a threat to Obama’s post presidential agenda.

  6. Obama is very good at Deception. He blends about 10% truth with 90% lies, Just enough to make it sound truthful or could be true. He was born into Communism and he will believe in communism for the rest of his life. Every time he he speaks I can hear the Socialist / Communist rhetoric being intertwined with free speech. There is a book “Deception” written by a retired soviet spy, read it.

  7. Trump thinks that he and God are on even footing, just as he does with Putin!

    Sorry Trump, you wouldnt even make a pimple on either one’s ass!

    And with your heavy investments in Russia, Puutin has you by the “short hairs”!

    So much so, that you SHOULD BE BANNED from the presidency, because of NATIONAL SECURITY!

    • re Trump: “So much so, that you SHOULD BE BANNED from the presidency, because of NATIONAL SECURITY!”

      Aannnnd – you would prefer hitlery, hm?

  8. madmemere Reply

    Who wrote this crap anyway?? I’ve been a Christian, my entire life, I’m much older than “The Donald” and I don’t even know every Chapter and Verse in my Bible! I know where to find the Chapter and Verse I want, but there is no room, in my brain, to retain all of it, because of all the other everyday “stuff” all of US have to remember – -unless we are Clergy, of course!

  9. No-Mo-BO Reply

    It’s clear this ‘Conservatives United’ group is biased against Trump, so guys…drop the shit-stirring and just do your jobs and REPORT THE NEWS, OK?

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