TSA Now Charging More to Molest You

tsaThe TSA security fee just went up. It will now cost you either an extra sixty cents (for connecting flights) or an extra $3.10 (for non-stop flights) to allow a government cretin to molest you at the airport.

Are the additional fees really what it costs to tell passengers to turn on their cellphones and laptops in order to comply with the new laws? Or will the extra money go toward providing guns to TSA agents? The answer is (allegedly) no — to both questions.

The new tax will raise an estimated $16.9 billion per year, all of which will be put into the U.S. government’s general fund. Government officials claim the money will be used to fund the TSA and pay down the deficit. But, really, the money could be spent on anything the government wants to spend it on.

Here! Here! Three cheers for taxation without representation! <sarcasm>

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