Will This Man Take Down Donald Trump?

“I like you. You and me, we’re going to be best friends.”

It is early January, and Eric Schneiderman is sitting in his 25th-floor office above Lower Manhattan, doing his best Donald Trump impression, puckering his lips into a duck face, scrunching up his nose and lowering his voice into something that resembles the president’s outer-borough growl.

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source: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/02/eric-schneiderman-donald-trump-new-york-214734

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One Response to “Will This Man Take Down Donald Trump?”

  1. why doesn’t this man put on his big boy pants and act like a man instead of a petulant child. another vile, unevolved liberal that hates America and wants a 3rd world nation agenda. leave the country, AH.

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